Glen W. Turner and Turner Enterprises started Koscot, Dare to Be Great, Turner Airlines, and several other companies before the government became scared of the following he had created and arrest him.  His friend and the CEO of Turner Enterprises, testified against Glen to save himself from the threat of prosecution.  It is a story [...]

Learn to Solve Problems for a Profit by providing VALUE to the market

When I started selling health insurance to small business owners years ago, my manager told me."If they don't have a problem, you don't have a sale"So every presentation was custom to our potential client.  If they didn't have health insurance to cover themselves and their family then the problem was obvious.  At that point we simply [...]

“We see things not as they are, but as we are” Emotional Intelligence EQ, Self-Awareness, the Programming of Our Mind & Metaverse Wealth

  As our emotional intelligence, and self-awareness grows we will tend to ask ourselves deeper and more intelligent questions.In network marketing the real product is people.  A well trained team member who will become a future leader and eventually a leader on your team.  We are in the leadership development business. Do people steal your [...]

Metaverse What is it? … Heads up Entreprenuers and Investors

TODAY is 11/8/2021  It is time that I introduce our readers and podcast listeners to Metaverse.  This is something I have had my eye on for a while, but never felt the need to bring it up on a podcast or article until now. About 3 years ago through one of our businesses we bought [...]

Are you Really Going to Miss This?

The business network marketing leaders how been looking for the past 25 years is here now!  The first time in  historyand ESTABLISHED BOOMING EUROPEAN COMPANY operating in over 30 countries around the world, with 14 distirbution warehouses and 252,000 distributors in launching in North America.    The top income earners are already making $100,000.00 monthly.  [...]

Behind the MLM Curtain (3 Secrets You will not Learn Anywhere Else … Ever)

If you are gaining access to this training it is because Mr. Calvert or a member of his team granted you access.  What you are about to learn in this video training can only come from someone who has spent their entire adult life, studying human phycology and what it really takes to build a [...]


Where has your network marketing journey taken you at this point in your life? "Albert Einstein said, ignorance at its highest level is to continue to do what you have always done, expecting different results." What is your network marketing story? Where has your journey taken you to this point? If you were starting today, [...]

Dale Calvert Infomercial TV Show (New Image International 1998-99)

There is a reason this info-mercial was one of the most successful info-mercials to ever be introduced into the home base business market.  One word, AUTHENTICITY.   You knew every person sharing their testimony in this show where real people, with real stories, the thought of anyone being a "paid actor" or exaggerating the truth,  never [...]

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