Jim Rohn taught me years ago, you can say anything to anybody as long as you are doing it because of the love you have in your heart for that fellow human being.

Jim said you must care enough about people to tell them what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear.

I agree there is no more annoying group of people on the planet than untrained, money driven network marketers. I don’t blame the anti-mlm crowd for hating on them, they are annoying!

What I can’t figure out is why they think all network marketing opportunities, leaders, and teams are the same?  Common sense would indicate otherwise, wouldn’t it?

I received a message on social media from a guy who said I was annoying.  He was tired of seeing my videos everywhere.


He said, “I see you everywhere. Facebook. Twitter, YouTube.”


“Don’t you realize how annoying it is to get your videos in my Facebook Inbox every day?”


He was a network marketer, I replied to him, saying, “You will understand when you begin to lead.”


That was all I said, and I don’t expect to hear from him again.

Most network marketers are not leaders, have no desire to be and have never been taught how import it is to develop their leadership abilities.  That is becasue they are being taught by those with leadership titles, that crave followers.

In network marketing leaders create product volume.  Your long term upside income potential is in direct proportion to the number of leaders, that are DEVELOPED on your team!  Perod, end of story, social media follwers don’t create product volume.  Home grown leaders do!


Most people won’t understand what we do or how and why we do it.  It sincerely can become lonely at the top.


We, as leaders, have to be annoying. As you have probably heard me say on a zoom training or podcast.

The truth will set people FREE, but it may piss them off first”

The most common email I get today is people saying I wish I had plugged in & listened to you closer 5 -10-15- years ago when I first heard you. I get these emails from people around the world weekly.


It must be annoying for someone who is drifting through life on the MLM Hamster Wheel to watch someone with purpose publicly sharing goals that most think are impossible.


It must be annoying to see that intensity and that conviction, and that seemingly endless supply of energy.


It must be annoying to realize that someone else is making an impact, and all they’re doing is complaining and blaming.


My job is to annoy people and wake them up, help them think for themselves, look at FACTS and stop making bad emotional decisions and get off the mlm hamster wheel!



If you’re reading this, then I want you to keep being annoyed.


Until you wake up and realize that you were born to LEAD!


When you realize that you can step up and be a leader, then this message will resonate with you.


I can’t tell you how many times I met someone and they told me that they hated me at when they first heard me.   I never understood why, I just recognized it was, but I never lost any sleep because of it. Then a friend told me, Dale those with low self esteem cannot distinquish the difference between someone who is egotistical and those that are confident.  I don’t know, but that sounds right to me.


Then little by little, they realize this guy really sees things differently than 99% and his track record kind of proves it.  He really believes Zigs Quote!


I helped them realize why they needed to find their 10X button.  There is a reason our personal team has developed more six figure earners over the past year than any other team in any other company on the planet.  Is that ego talking or just facts?  It is probably in your best interest to know the answer to that question, wouldn’t you think?  Asumptions keep people broke.


For the last 4 decades, I’ve been dialing in my message to just speak truth and documented facts that anyone can verify. To overwhelm them with evidence & wisdom of the age’s success principles.

Rah Rah Hype and Fluff is the game most network marketing leaders feel forced play to keep people on autoship one more month. It makes me throw up a little in my mouth, I don’t play those games.


I understand it is not me that’s triggering them.

Most network marketer know they are working programs that have already peeked, the momentum is gone and they have to hide that fact from the newbies on their team.  I can’t imagine how self loathing that becomes for those that really care about their teams.

Those that have been with them awhile are not there to build a growing thriving, duplicating business.  Most gave up on that dream, years ago, they are their for social reasons.

They like handing out with Wannaprenuers more than the ladies at choir practice.

Those with leadership titles,  feel like imposters and they are surrounded by imposters in every consumable products mlm company.  They try to normalize it, but going to conferences and blowing smoke up each others dress but good people can only fake it for so long.

I got a text from a former company owner tonight, July 8, 2023 and here was his direct quote.

“The nutritional supplement MLM industry is gone, done, nada!”


It’s their insecurities, their uncertainty, and their lack of purpose and upside in their business that’s triggering them, and they know that I know that and it is annoying.


Think about it, why not catch another wave, so you can share your true message and bring real value to your team?  Aren’t you tired of the smoke and mirrors?

For some reason leaders in the real world pivot, those with leadership titles in network marketing, don’t.


How would it feel to again be able to share your certainty, have that conviction, and stand for something? Some remember how good that felt back in the day, don’t you?


Because most people won’t understand you? Why do you care about those people in the Good Ole Boys & Girls network marketing crowd think?


How would it feel to know that every day, you are living with purpose, and not giving people false hope?


I share emails, videos, quotes, and articles like this one every day hoping I can reach one person.


I ask myself daily, who can I help today? (Thanks Shellie Giddings) I ask God to send me One person who needs to hear truth today.


The one person who needs to hear that they are enough, that they are not a victim of circumstances.  That with the right opportunity and right team they can create their own destiny.  

Some people need to STOP and remember why they joined their first MLM company and the hopes and dreams they had at that time in their life.  What was your first company?  Why did you join?  Have you let those hopes and dreams fade off  and just accepted the MLM Hampster Wheel?

You don’t have to add your name to the massive number of MLM Victims, you are not a victim, but you have to make smarter decisons.  Success leaves clues, but you have to decide that you will not be denied and be content to stay in your MLM Social Club as another victim of unfullfilled MLM Dreams!


You can make your way back to the dream you started with & learn to follow the inner wisdom of the ages voice, TRUST the process and allow themselves to be guided by it with an opportunity that hasn’t peaked and has real upside potential.


Don’t worry what people are saying about you. I sincerely don’t give a flying flip. The only person any of us have to be concerned with is the one staring us back in the mirror.



They may not like what they hear, but I am certain there will come a time when they wish they had opened their minds and listened.


But your consistency, commitment, and conviction will win over time.  Over the past 30 days I have had more people that described themselves as Dale Calvert haters at some point on their journey that are now “Calverted”


If they stay in the MLM game, eventually, they’ll thank you.

For those that in the MLM business niche, the writing is on the wall. The disruption has started. It
has been reported that sales were down anywhere from 25 – 40 percent across the board the first quarter of this year with the Top 70 companies in the profession.

We are seeing  gimmick companies that make no sense from a product or compensation plan standpoint like LiveGood explode because so many people have no idea what the answer is.

Believe it or not, I KNOW WHAT THE ANSWER IS!  This is going to sound hypy, but it is true. I know what company a person can join now, and spend the rest of their career with.  It has zero competition and never will and of course, it has never been done before, and is a TRUE category creator.

I know for some of you that took this article seriously and watch th video below over the coming months you will joine the last network marketing company you ever join. Not because you love the products, the compensation plan or the owner or your leader got some type of bridge money deal and is moving everyone over.

Because from a simplified factual business standpoint. There is one company that will dominate.  Here is why.

The market is already bigger than all the network marketing companies around the world combined and get this, there will never be any MLM competition.  That is not rah rah, or our product is the greatest fluff.  It is just documented truth.

But as I wrote about in this article most network marketer can’t handle the truth.

“Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.”

If you can handle the truth, and your ready to remember how good it feels to speak your truth with conviction, based upon FACTS, then this video is for you!  Please get back with the person that shared this video with you to access this video.


If nobody shared this article with you and you are a regular visitor of the MLMSuccess.com website and want to access the video, click here.

Believe it or not I am not one of those network marketing consultants of trainers that will tell you what you want to hear so I can sell you my MLM Training Club or whatever I want to sell you. I am one that truly is ………….

Dedicated to Your Success,

Dale Calvert