Why don’t the beatles get back together?Why don’t nobody sing of romance? –Oh baby, all you wanna do is dance.

Billy Joel was right. People persist in beliefs even when impossible.

Today you can’t get the Beatles back together – since John Lennon and George Harrison are dead.

But you can take their voices and make a new song with the four Beatles in it.
AI is like magic.

But not everything lasts forever.

Take the “Retail to Recruit System”  I taught for 30 years that exploded many netowork marketing organizations.  The retail market for consumable network marketing product has become Blockbuster.  IT IS OVER!  The truth is 99% of distributors who have entered the profession the last 50 years were never taught a logical, sequential, system for customer acquistion, and then converting  many of those customers into team members.


They have been going into the market worrying consumers to death trying to convince them to change brands and try their companies vitamins, skin care, household, and other consumable products.  The market (Potential Customers) are BURNT OUT & they don’t want to here another pitch!  That is the truth, we all know it, but nobody can admit it.


So the old constantly evolves to become the new.

When evaluating a niche, you have to judge it by today’s standards.


70% of household in the USA today have an Amazon Prime account.  When normal human run out of their multi-vitamin or any other consumable product network marketing companies are trying to sell, they simple click one button and add it their Amazon order.  When you really STOP & THINK ABOUT IT, does it make logical business sense in 2024 to try to build a business competing with Amazon in the consumable products niche?   It hurts me to say this, I have personally earned millions of dollars with network marketing consumable products, but those days are over.

Sometimes you just have to realize it is not 1995 anymore, and admit the emperor has no clothes!

If you told me you want to manufacture typewriters – I’d advise against it, and as some of you know, I spend 5 year of my life working for IBM.

So you need a niche that is constantly growing and has customer that are passionate about your product or service. This is a real secret to network marketing team building success for 2024 and beyone that NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT!  W H Y?  Because 97% of network marketing companies are in the consumable products niche.


You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figue this out, you just need a little common sense, don’t you?  To become successful with the network marketing business model in 2024 you combine an insane niche &  passionate buyers, that REALLY WANT the products or services you are marketing.   Success magazine had an article 25 years ago that changed my career.  The theme was “If people WANT what you are selling, you will get rich”

Up until that point in my career I had mareket products and services that people I believed in and I knew people, NEEDED, but they didn’t want.

I have found the perfect product niche for 2024 and beyond.  Currently it is a huge 450 billion dollar market, but it is project to grow to 1 Trillion dollars by 2023, and there is NO MLM Competition.   You can learn all about the market and the opportunity here,  www.100ksidegig.com and I would recommend that you take a few minutes now and make yourself aware of this brand new catagory creating company.









Much Success,

Dale Calvert