When I started selling health insurance to small business owners years ago, my manager told me.

“If they don’t have a problem, you don’t have a sale”

So every presentation was custom to our potential client.  

If they didn’t have health insurance to cover themselves and their family then the problem was obvious.  At that point we simply need to share with them why our health insurance was unique, and designed for entreprenuers and self employeed people.

If they had coverage we simply compared what they had to what we could offer them through our association for self-employeed people.

When you are in the market place you have two types of prospects.  Those with a Plan B sidegig and those without.  Your job is to figure out if and how your opportunity can provide value for them, and solve their problem.   Does that make sense.   This is what I call a “value focussed” attitude.  

The truth is some who already have a Plan B sidegig going on, should not join you, they should continue doing what they are doing.  However as many of you know, 95% of network marketers are involved with the wrong companies, wrong teams, wrong products or services, at the wrong time in history, as I explain in detail in the 5 STARS VIDEO.

Most network marketers are really not operating a business.  For many network marketing is more like a big social club, or hobby.  (Hobbies are suppose to cost you money)   However if you are a regular reader of this blog or listener to our podcast you know, my content is not for those who are “playing business”.  My focus is on those that are in the market place daily doing the activities to move their business and their life forward.

Most entrepreneurs in every niche work VERY hard.

Often, they put in long hours, and a lot of them don’t make any money.

In fact, in some companies, the only people who make any money are the employees, because the business owners haven’t figured out how to create a result in a way that allows them to be profitable.

I look at it this way: Businesses solve problems for a profit.

A lot of business owners not only haven’t figured out how to solve problems, but they also haven’t figured out how to get paid profitably for solving those problems.

What can you do?





The biggest obstacle to your growth is yourself. When you’re looking in the mirror, you’re looking at the problem…but you’re also looking at the solution.

If you ever feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or confused – you can turn it around.

If you have a desire to build and grow a more successful business – you can.

All money earned ethically is a by-product of value creation.  

Anyone you interact with, to whatever degree you can, do your best to leave them better off than they were before you showed up.  Many times people enter your life and your business “For a Season”.  Over the years I have been shocked at how many people I have had the opportunity to work with for a short period in the past who end up joinng our organization years down the road.

I am even more excited about people who we have been able to put on path of personal growth, self education, and programming their minds for success, during our Season with them, who have when on to build fabulous businesses, outside the network marketing niche.

I have siad many times, my loyalty is to Entreprenurial spirited people in any niche that are doing it right.  If you are telling people THE TRUTH, working hard towards your dream everyday, and improving yourself as a human being, I AM SUPPORTING YOU!

As a conscientious entrepreneur, treat people well.

Give people exactly what you say you will – or better.

If you make a mistake, try to fix it.

Don’t become entitled. Become responsible for your success and your future.