Build People – People Will Build the Business (What Does that Mean?)

  The real product in network marketing is people.   At it’s core network marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached, or it least it was before the profession had fallen into the state of delusion it is in today as I speak about in the recorded webinar training here.  www.mlmhelp.com/critical [...]

“We see things not as they are, but as we are” Emotional Intelligence EQ, Self-Awareness, the Programming of Our Mind & Metaverse Wealth

  As our emotional intelligence, and self-awareness grows we will tend to ask ourselves deeper and more intelligent questions.In network marketing the real product is people.  A well trained team member who will become a future leader and eventually a leader on your team.  We are in the leadership development business. Do people steal your [...]

Are you Really Going to Miss This?

The business network marketing leaders how been looking for the past 25 years is here now!  The first time in  historyand ESTABLISHED BOOMING EUROPEAN COMPANY operating in over 30 countries around the world, with 14 distirbution warehouses and 252,000 distributors in launching in North America.    The top income earners are already making $100,000.00 monthly.  [...]


Where has your network marketing journey taken you at this point in your life? "Albert Einstein said, ignorance at its highest level is to continue to do what you have always done, expecting different results." What is your network marketing story? Where has your journey taken you to this point? If you were starting today, [...]


MLM SS 187: Forever A Victim... I Don't Think So. In this session we are sharing a keynote training did in the late nineties at a National Convention for his personal organization, called "Forever a Victim ........... I Don't think so. We hope this session is encouraging and inspiring and will help you [...]

What are the best podcast for network marketers?

      What are the best podcast for network marketers? I will sharewith you insights and suggestions after spending over 35 yearsof my life working with network marketing leaders and teambuilders around the world.It is really not a question of what are the best network marketingpodcast.  It is more about what is about the [...]

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