But how do you know when the horse is dead? In other words, how do you know when things are not going to improve and continuing to stay with your current mlm team and company is akin to riding a dead horse and wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere.

I sincerely hate to say this, but it is my personal opininion that the consumable product industry, lotions, potions, and pills is over. The Market, Customers, simply don’t care as I share in detail in the podcast here.

In the real world spending your time on the tread mill not progressing, not advancing is never stood for, by ambitious people.  Unfortunately, in today’ mlm world the mlm hamster wheel is the accepted norm.

As a recruiter and team builder that is always looking for career minded people who want to replace their current fulltime income, it’s always amazed me what “event” triggers a person to finally start to look for a new opportunity.

For some, it’s the feeling of not being appreciated by their predatory mlm upline. After working hard to help them reach their next rank promotion and not getting so much as an ‘atta boy.

For some it’s the feeling that their skills and potential abilities are not being developed and feeling like they have no mentor that understands how to help them progress in their business.

For others, it’s the lack of a true career path or examples on the team of those that have gone before them and created full time incomes with their current opportunity. If others on the mlm team are not creating success and progress why do people feel the path will be different?  (Real Examples of MLM Success here)

The sad truth is network marketing is more of a giant social club than it is a real business.  Most distributors are content to hang out in a constant state of stagnation until someone with a leadership title jumps into the new hot deal that is going to make everyone financially successful.  To say the industry has become delusional is an understatement.

So how do you know when it is to pivot from your current mlm company? It usually starts with that slightly sick feeling you get when a friend or relative asks how is your business is doing and you know in the past ¼ you have added only 3 customers and 5 teams members and none of them are doing a thing.

We all get to a stale places in our career and sometimes you just need to look at things differently and shift our paradigm. Sometimes, it’s sitting down for a few quiet minutes to really examine what is the real upside potential of the company you are working?

The truth is, the longer a company has been in the market, the less of an upside potential exist with that opportunity.  I actually had someone try to pitch me on Isagenix last week and asked me if I have ever heard of them?

They were a newbie who simply didn’t know any better. I am shocked at the number of people who are involved in strong credible companies that have peaked and are over.  The growth has come and gone, never to return.  Usana, Melaleuca, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Herbalife, immediately come to mind.

Why would someone attempt to build with these old, established, and credible companies instead of riding the wave with a new growing thriving opportunity?

I understand, now all companies that are growing and thriving have long-term upside potential, Live Good is a great example at the time of this writing, but about 5% do have huge upside potetial!

Honestly many people realized years ago, that they were in the wrong company with the wrong mentorship a LONG time ago,  but the pain of leaving is greater than the pain of staying: in other words, you are mired in your comfort zone with other people just like yourself where lack or progression and advancement has become the acceptable norm.

So what can you do? Ask yourself these questions:

1.   What do I really want to accomplish from my MLM Business?

2.     Is there a proven team in the market that is currently developing full time incomes and skilled leaders?  Can I plug into their culture?

3.  If I don’t make the pivot and get off the dead horse, what are the chances that my current situation will change?

4. What am I most afraid will happen if I take the time to at least explore another opportunity?

Sometimes our discomfort is sign that we are not growing.  My wife recently transplanted a few flats of potted annuals and if you have ever gardened you know that a plant will grow and thrive with the proper conditions.

It can go through a growth spurt and all of the sudden for no good reason, the plant starts to look a little yellow and wilty. Once you transplant that plant into a larger pot with room to grow, it thrives because it was root bound. Our network marketing careers are like that too.

Find the right opportunity at the right time in history with the right team culture and your upside potential is endless.

Believe it or not, I think I have found a Horse that can never die!  This video explains why.  THE  MLM HORSE THAT WILL NEVER DIE.


Yes, Success stories are being created in 2023!