TODAY is 11/8/2021  It is time that I introduce our readers and podcast listeners to Metaverse.  This is something I have had my eye on for a while, but never felt the need to bring it up on a podcast or article until now. About 3 years ago through one of our businesses we bought a ton of closeout headset VR goggles. At the time I had no idea what they were, but we felt they could be a popular Christmas item. Long story short we sold out before December first.


Metaverse is a term you may have never heard of and I think it is comparable to how much people understood about cryptocurrency way back in 2010.    Only 2% of the population in the USA have cryptocurrency in their investment portfolio today.  Knowledge about Metaverse is like crypto over a decade ago.


Before I get into this, and you guys think I am totally crazy, let me ask you have you seen the Netflix special the Social Diliman?  If you haven’t it is a must see.

If you have seen it, then maybe you won’t think I am so crazy.

Believe it or not there are people around the world that spend most of their life in these virtual reality worlds called Metaverse’s,  

The popularity of these alternative realities since the pandemic have grown at alarming rates.   They literally sit on the couch with VR headsets on living in an alternative world, where they have friends, own homes, drive cars, motorcycles or whatever they want. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT KIDS, I AM TALKING ABOUT GROWN ADULTS.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is the future.

My grandson Jude for months every time I talked with him, he was talking about the VR Headset that he wanted for his birthday.   (Yes he got it 😊 )

Just let me say, this is the future and millionaires will be made inside these worlds.

Remember the first Back to the Future movie when the Shark from Jaws19 movie billboard comes out of the billboard and snaps at Marty?

Some people feel that in the future, we will live in an alternative reality world with contact lens and won’t need the headset goggles people are using today.

Here is my only point, people will be able to go into these alternative worlds and live virtually, buy ocean front real estate, go to a high end mall and buy coach purses or even that old Shelby Cobra Mustang or Harley Davidson they have dreamt about all their life.

SOUNDS TOTALLY WACKED I KNOW, BUT AS PEOPLE HAVE MORE AND MORE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING WHO TO TRUST, WHO TO BELIEVE, as more and more obvious mis-information is spread through new outlets, liars are being called out, and school boards are asked intelligent questions there will still be 70% of people who will not be able to focus on what is important and let the rest go. 

Already our minds are not able to keep up with the tech and things are just going to continue to speed up to the speed of thought.


I know it is hard to imagine, but look at the number of hours the average person spends on social media daily, a virtual world is coming and kids are living there now in video games, and it cannot be stopped

The only reason I even mentioned this, is to say, there will be new opportunities for real business in these new Virtual reality worlds.

How will people buy the beach property or Shelby Cobra?

Like in the real world we US citizens use the dollar, and Japan use the Yen  the euro in Europe.

Each world will use their own crypto currencies …………. Yes it is already happened.   Facebook has invested 10 billion dollars into this alternative reality.

There was an article that came out about a month ago,

Facebook is reportedly planning to rebrand as founder Mark Zuckerberg aims to focus more on launching a metaverse, an augmented reality overlay to common life

I had to give you guys a heads up, this is early, early but worth starting your personal education now