The real product in network marketing is people.


At it’s core network marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached, or it least it was before the profession had fallen into the state of delusion it is in today as I speak about in the recorded webinar training here.

Network marketing is no longer treated like a viable business, it has become a social club.   Lead not by team leaders but more by those that act as social club directors. There only goal seem to be to keep their followers excited and on autoship, it is sad.

The ultimate goal in network marketing is to replace or duplicate yourself, not gather as many Followers and Wannaprenuers as possible.

For these reasons, many business-minded people want nothing to do with it, and I don’t blame them.  However my team building network marketing culture and what they see all around them are completely different.

I understand it is just as important to run off the wrong person as it is to make sure the right person is progressing, building their income and moving forward.

The only way I can personally deal with the “Guilt by Association” blow back I get daily in all my businesses is to build my teams the same way I would if I were building sales teams for a Fortune 500 company.  The blow back is something that would be hard for many to understand.

Some of you know Dawn, my wife is one of the largest Hallmark collectible dealers in the United States.  We buy collections and buy out Hallmark stores that are going out of business and it is good business and she loves it. I effectionately call her my Christmas nerd.   There are people that literally would not purchase Hallmark ornaments if they saw we were also involved in building MLM teams.  How whacked out is that?  That is the state of the profession today, so why fight it?

Many network marketing companies and teams have become very preditory.  However when you do it right, based upon wisdom of the ages success principles, and you truly believe.

There is simply not a better business model on the planet.

The ultimate goal is to replace myself.  I believe in the concept of team.

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

I have always believed that in network marketing our real product is PEOPLE. I believe we are in the leadership development business not the gather followers business. 

My job has always been to help people grow in every area of their life and give the tools and the training to progress and maximize their personal upside potential.

This approach takes an enormous amount of emotional strength, because so many people do not have the internal fortitude to get on the right path, what I call “The Wisdom of the Ages” path and stay on it.

There are just too many shiny objects and distractions.  The right team culture will constantly challenge you and most people don’t want to change, they don’t want to be challenged.  They would rather hang out in the social club and let the social club leader hype them up.  They just want a little card that says they have a business so they can show it to relatives and family get togethers.  Delusional people that can’t even be true to themselves, it is sad.

People have called our approach to building teams innovative, for me I have always looked at it like common sense, based upon Wisdom of the Ages success principles, that ultimately will never fail.

Everything we do, and everything we teach takes a unique approach, utilizing the power of the subconscious mind to overcome the fear of change and uncertainty. Our team recognizes that the subconscious mind often drives our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, and it is often the root cause of resistance to change.  When people can start to understand the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanisms that have been built into all humans DNA, personal progress can happen quickly, very quickly.

As you listen to the podcast we feature at and you hear about so many of our team members breaking out and creating wealth, this is why.  We focuss on mindsets.  If you build people, people will build the business.   Losers call if fluff, and hype, but winners understand it is Wisdom of the Ages TRUTH.

By consistently inspiring and educating the subconscious mind with thought-provoking content on future trends and innovative perspectives, we create a new reality for our teams, one where they approach change with excitement and open-mindedness.  Does this make sense?

I don’t do this intintially, it is just where I have always lived, and always will, it is who I am.  Normal humans don’t like change, winners thrive on it.

As i shared in the recorded webinar training here.  REAL LEADERS PIVOT!

However the foundation will always be on Wisdom of the Ages principles and focusing on the 7 key areas of life THE WHEEL OF LIFE.  Our team understand the fact that nothing can stop a team of people where nobody cares, who gets the credit.


When you build people, people will build the business.  We are not just focussing on the Financial part of the wheel.  However life with financial stress is not much of a life.

I feel it is my responsibility to put people in front of opportunities where they can profit the most from the time and effort they devote in their business.

Currently we are involved with the number one income generator I have seen in my 40+ year career.  Nothing like this will probably ever happen again.  This is a true once in a lifetime opportunity.  You can learn more here if you want   The sad but true fact is you can have the greatest income generating opportunity that has ever existed drop in your lap.  However if you have not developed the proper skill sets and mindset you will not be ready to take advantage of it.

This is the real tradgedy that is happening in the MLM Social Club enviroments of today.  We are not helping people develop the proper skillsets and mindsets that will allow them to maximize their potential when they find themselves in the right place at the right time, with the right company.

Build people and people will build the business.