Flexible MLM Belief


In 1950s suburban Chicago, Dorothy Martin attracted a cult following based on her ability to transmit messages from “spacemen” seeking to save a select few humans from a biblical flood they warned was imminent.

When Martin felt a tingling sensation in her arm, she would pick up a pencil and involuntarily write out messages from space, with precise instructions as to when and where the extraterrestrial rescue mission would occur.

Time and again, Martin and her followers would gather at the appointed time and place, eager to be whisked away by flying saucers.

Time and again they were disappointed.

But their faith never wavered: Despite all evidence to the contrary, they continued to believe in both their medium, Martin, and their rescuers, the spacemen.

True believers were able to explain away each failure: Perhaps the infallible alien message had been misinterpreted. Or maybe the spacemen were thwarted by meddling humans.

In fact, each failure seemed to strengthen the group’s belief.

This is an interesting idea, especially as it relates to building a MLM business.  We all know people that have been hanging around this profession for ten, twenty years or longer with no significant progression. Yet these people will defend whatever company they are involved in the month, and the business model TO THE BITTER END.

When you really examine the mindsets, these people have it is like the longer the failure exist the stronger their belief in a business model that no longer provides the full-time income opportunities it once did.

In a seminal study of Martin’s followers, psychologist Leon Festinger arrived at his theory of cognitive dissonance: When confronted by evidence at odds with strongly held beliefs, instead of abandoning those beliefs, true believers double down by evangelizing them. As I have said numerous times, REAL LEADERS PIVOT.

“When people are committed to a belief and a course of action, clear disconfirming evidence may simply result in deepened conviction and increased proselytizing … If more and more people can be persuaded that the system of belief is correct, then clearly it must after all be correct.”






This is great news for New Era Opportunities.

The new, new thing

Much like Christopher Columbus, early believers in MLM made fortunes by going in the right direction for the RIGHT Reasons.

At is core networking has always been a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. Those who embraced this philosophy in the early years are the one’s we recognize as legends today.   Larry Thompson, Dexter Yeager, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Bill Britt, Jeff Roberti, Mary Kay, Jim Burke, and on and on.


Network Marketing pioneer understood, “If you Build People, People will build the Business”.

That narrative failed at the very first hurdle, when the Internet became mainstream. Network marketing as a business model moved away from the core fundamentals that created massive momentum in the beginning when we started.

If you have not seen this webinar, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Not to worry, though: True believers resolved the cognitive dissonance of the MLM business model being inversely correlated to network marketing being the only way for the average person with above average desire to get out of the rat race.

At that time that was probably true.  But ladies and gentleman it is not 1990 anymore. The network marketing business model is no longer the ONLY GAME in town!  Some of you that have been in the game as long as I have need to re-read that sentence.

The mid-nineties brough us cable TV.  Cable TV bough us a new word none of us had ever heard before.  The Infomercial.  The infomercial brought competition to the MLM business model.

Carleton Sheets No Money Down Course


What About-
Don Lapre’s How to Make Money with
Tiny Classified Ads?

These were two of the most popular informercials that pulled people from the potential MLM distributor pool. However, there were dozens more Infomercials teaching everyone how to make money with Penny Stocks, Flipping Used Cars, Make money with postcards and direct mail and on and on.

All of this happened BEFORE the Internet became mainstream. Keep in mind this was BEFORE the Internet became mainstream, most homes still did not have a home computer.

I covered all of this in detail in the audio I released in 1999 “Network Marketing is a Scam”. Which now has been expanded to a full blow FREE Course I make available to serious network marketing student.  To understand the future, you must have clear understanding of the past.

Today the internet has basically put network marketing in a state of total delusion.  There are too many ways to create additional cashflow.

Network Marketing is no longer the only game in town.  The interest has provided those with entrepreneurial spirits multiple ways to create income and there is no end in sight.

You seen those with network marketing leadership titles acting like is 1995, burping and diapering their followers.  The idea of developing the next wave of leadership on their teams is a foreign concept.

Their only goal is to keep their followers an autoship ………… ONE MORE MONTH!

To not recognize that the consumable product network marketing business model is over and dead is beyond naïve, it is delusional.


Like the title of this article states. Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts.

This has been my mission since I released the Scam audio in 1999.  I will admit it, I haven’t done a very good job.

As my old friend Robert Blackman told me lately.

“Keep Confusing Them with Fact Dale”


It blows my mind the number of self-proclaimed network marketing gurus that are still trying to convince the masses and naive newbies that “Attraction Marketing” is the secret to network marketing success in 2023.  Thanks for NOTHING Ray Higdon and friends.


You should all be ashamed of yourself!


When people do these type of ads do career frustrated, business minded leaders respond, or MLM Junkies?


Spillover …… Really?


Attraction marketing is the most flawed business idea in history of network marketing.  I have written many articles as to exactly why, so I would rehash on the reasons here.

I first wrote about this about this flawed concept in 2021 in this book, which is available at Barnes & Noble.

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But here’s the good news: In 2023, there is a new Era of Opportunities starting to form.  Those who don’t really understand the history of side gigs will find it hard to really understand the significance of this New Era.

Bitcoin is up 43% year-to-date, despite the Fed continuing to raise interest rates and shrink its balance sheet.

Higher interest rates coupled with a lower balance sheet means the supply of money is contracting. (Or it should be, at least. It’s kind of hard to say with so much disruption and corruption around the world).

If you are not becoming cryptocurrency educated, now is the time, this webiste is a good place to start.  www.cmgcrypto.com

And that already ruins the new narrative of Network Marketing exploding in a down economy, which in 1990 when the USA was experiencing down economy during the Gulf war.

This was the first time in history that the network marketing business model did not receive an uptick during a down economy.




Because by 1990 Network Marketing was no longer the only game in town.  Does that make since?

Fortunately, in 2023 I have a new, new narrative to take to the market place. There are more wealth creation opportunities today than at anytime in history however they all require NEW SKILL SETS & MINDSETS & mentorship that can help you develop them.

The truth is, about 3% of the population enter the network marketing business with the personal credibility and skill sets and mindsets to get their business off the ground.  However wealth was created by developing the 27%ers on their team with proper skill set and mindset training.

70% of population will die with their music still in them unless they decide to become a serious personal development student before they attempt to start a side-gig.  We live in a world where the YOU ARE A VICTIM mentality is brainwashed into society daily by politicians and the mainstream media.


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Please here what I am saying.  In 2023 I have a new narrative to take to the market place. There are more wealth creation opportunities today than at any time in history however they all require NEW SKILL SETS & MINDSETS & mentorship that can help you develop them.

The days of winging it and making full time incomes because of dumb luck are over.

A New Era of Wealth Generation is here and most people, especially network marketers are stuck on the mlm treadmill going nowhere. Why?

A new era is here, now is the time to break out of your cognitive dissonance & change your mindsets, determine to find the right mentorship and team culture and join this new era of wealth creation opportunities.

Please check out the video below. If this information doesn’t lite your fire your wood is wet, and you don’t have an ounce of entrepreneurial blood running though your body.



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