Years ago, I was a twenty-year-old confused kid. I was about to get fired from my assembly line job at IBM in Lexington, Kentucky and was sent to a week-long class called “The IBM Employee Awareness Program.”

After lunch on day one, they played an audio tape that changed my life. It was the first time in my life  I heard the famous Zig Ziglar and the quote:


You are Where You Are Because of What Has Gone Into Your Mind, the Only Way to Change Where You Are is Change What Goes into Your Mind.


Those word put me on a life-long study of how we program our minds for success in all areas of our life.   Our programming determines the type of success we will have in our career, with our families, our spiritual success, our financial success, our physical health, and  all 7 important key areas of our life.

Because you are visiting  the mlm success  website, there is a good chance you have heard people talk about the concept of programming your mind many times.  You are probably aware of the great Napoleon Hill quote, “What the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.”   Pick a personal development trainer, we are all doing our best to communicate the same thing, just in different ways.

Human beings MUST ACT in accordance to their programming. 

You may be thinking, Dale you are right, I have heard this a thousand times so tell me something I don’t know.  Here is something you instinctively know, but may have not spent enough alone time thinking about.

“Knowledge, without ACTION, leads to self-delusion” Dale Calvert

The fact that we all program our minds to create the kind of life and success or failure in all aspects of life is what I refer to as a “Wisdom of the Ages” principle, it is undisputed.  If this is true, and many of you reading this article know that it is, then why is it not programmed in the minds of  kids over and over from the time they enter the school system?

Because some things are too clear.  They are so clear that we see right through them like a glass window.  Many times, we get caught up looking for the magic fu fu dust or unknown principle that we cannot see the clear, simple truths that have been evident from the beginning of time.   “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

I am so thankful that I was exposed to this wisdom of the age’s truth early in my life and never doubted it.  I went to work on consciously devoting 15 minutes a day to intentionally programming my mind for success.    I gained the knowledge, but knew I had to implement a game plan to put the wisdom of the age’s knowledge into action.  As we said earlier, “Knowledge without action lead to self-delusion.”

I sincerely believe that this concept allowed me to start a company and build it from zero to a hundred million dollars in sales in five years, raise three awesome daughters who today are successful doing what they love to do and providing value to fellow human beings.  Today I am an author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker living in Atlanta, Georgia. This concept has allowed me today to speak at corporate events, travel all over the world and live a lifestyle I never could have imagined.

Today I share the exact path I took in my Programming Your Mind for Success home study course on stages around the world and over on one of our websites at   There is probably nothing I have shared with you in this article that you didn’t already know, but the question I have for you is, “What actions are you putting behind the knowledge that you have? “