The title of this podcast session is Finding your entrepreneurial tribe. Honestly, this is a topic that I have zero emotional connection with.

Over my life, I have become aware, observed, and studied the tribe concept. I acknowledge that I am not normal and that 99% of humans operate better and achieve their full upside potential operating in the right entrepreneurial tribe with a culture of wisdom……. what I call wisdom of the ages.

I also know that not giving a flying flip what any individual thinks or tribe of people think has given me a deeper desire to support and encourage all entrepreneurial-spirited people. Another flaw in my DNA that is not normal, I care too much and have an overwhelming need to support and encourage all
entrepreneurial-spirited people. I don’t care what kind of business they are involved with as long as it is legal, ethical, and moral I feel the need to support them.

In this session, I will share with you 6 intelligent questions all entrepreneurs should answer for themselves before connecting with a mentor or tribe of people. I hope these six questions serve you well.