What are the best podcast for network marketers? I will share
with you insights and suggestions after spending over 35 years
of my life working with network marketing leaders and team
builders around the world.

It is really not a question of what are the best network marketing
podcast.  It is more about what is about the best for you?

The answer to that question really depends on this one, 
“What are your goals, what kind of network marketer do 
you want to be?”  Are you involved for the social aspect 
of the business?  Are you career frustrated and see building
a solid, duplicating team as a way out?

What do you hope to gain from the podcast?`

If you are just looking for entertainment then really you can choose 
any of the around 50 network marketing podcast that are available 
to you.   All you really need to do is search Itunes or whatever
podcast player you have for mlm podcast.  Listen, if you like what
you hear subscribe.   

Are you in the process of evaluating different business opportunities
or have you decided to peruse the network marketing business model?

If you are still evaluating business models, I would suggest that you 
look at as many as you can.

Everything sincerely goes back to what are you really looking for?

I sincerely believe that network marketing provides the most
challenging, yet rewarding business model on the planet.


You need all 3 legs of the stool.


But if you have that, and you have the right mentor, and a 
great team, the upside potential is beyond any business 
model I have ever seen.  But you must be willing to grind
and work your butt off for 3-5 years, or AS LONG AS IT 

I an not talking about passively perusing a network 
marketing opportunity.  I am talking about more work
and accountability to yourself than most people have 
ever experienced.

I believe with the RIGHT MENTOR, the right products and
the right company the network marketing business model
can provide you with an income and lifestyle that most 
people can’t even imagine.  

The opportunity is huge put you have to be truthful to 
yourself regarding

* Your Work Ethic
* Your companies products or service 
* Your Upline and Corporate Leadership
* You willingness to bet teachable.

Different podcast appeal to different people.

You have to be hungry.  If we are honest, over the past 15 years 
network marketing has become more of a Social Club than  a 
real business.  There are many reasons for that that I have 
shared in multiple podcast, webinars, and articles over.

Most people are looking for a social club environment where 
they can meet new friends, and maybe make a little money 
along the way, and that is cool.  That is the majority of people
involved, but it not my market.   Honestly I tell people if all you
ever want to do is make a few hundreds extra dollars my podcast
are not for you.  

I believe there are other business models that can provide that 
and require virtually zero self improvement.   If you want to 
develop you personal leadership skills to the highest level 
possible and your appreciate self improvement, there is no 
better business model, but it is not for everyone and the
MLMSucccess.com podcast certainly isn’t either.

Most people involved in network marketing are looking more 
for a social environment than a business environment. It they
can make some friends and maybe a little bit of money along 
the way, they are good.  This is really what network marketing
has become.  You are not suppose to talk about chasing your
dream, and family legacy, you just stay on auto-ship and we will
call you a Rock Star.


So it really comes down to what do you really want?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to break out of
your 9-5 ?   Then I highly suggest the MLM Success Podcast.  If you are 
looking at this business from a more casual perspective then tune into
the MLM Pro Podcast, where everybody holds hands, sings cumbaya, and 
declares we have a better way.   

Some people think I am joking, but I am very serious. If you are looking
at the network marketing business as an opportunity you can do 
passively in your spare time, and have not real desire to build a 
large duplicating team then the network marketing pro podcast is one
you will thoroughly  enjoy.

There is at least one network marketing podcast that is operated by 
someone I can only describe as a sociopath, and yes I am serious. So
just pay close attention who you are listening to and WHY.  

Being taught the wrong culture, and being in the wrong environment
has stopped more good people from achieving the success they could
have had, more than anything else I know!

I talk more about that in the article here:




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