In this article I want to give you the 3 STEP PROCESS for how you can 
get the very most from network marketing podcast. The first question
you should ask yourself is WHY are you listening to this podcast?

Is it to Learn, or for Entertainment? I listen to business podcast for
entertainment, what about you?

However, if there was a specific business model that I want to master,
I follow a simple 3 Step Process.  

As it relates to network marketing , the first question you need to ask
yourself is do you want to master the skill sets and mindsets REQUIRED
to build a growing, duplicating network marketing team?

However when there is a specific business model I want to master I ask myself three important questions.

Do you want to master the skills to build a large, duplicating, network
marketing team?

I know that mastery comes from mentorship.   I also know that you can
be mentored through podcast.

The guy that taught me more about network marketing and developing
teams than anyone on the planet, I learned from the over 200 Audio tapes
from him that I had, & I played over and over and over again on my
Sony Walkman.

After I found Jim Burke, I stopped listening to other leaders in 
the company I was with. I chose Jim Burke, not because he shared
with me what I wanted to hear, but because of his track record
for building leaders.

A lot of what he had to say was not easy to hear, but it was true.  He 
was as much into proper mindsets as he was systems. He believe in
challenging people to expand through personal development and 
overcome their limiting beliefs. He just had real lean towards 
common sense and avoided a lot of the Rah Rah and Hype that 
surrounded the industry even back in the 1980″s. 

We have proven that the same philosophy can be adapted today,
if you find the right mentor that produces podcast.


Here is how I look at it today.

At the time of this writing I am getting serious about investing in online web businesses and sports cards.

This is something I have done off and on over the years.  Back in the late
 90”s I had 3 full time web people on staff who all worked on building
websites during their slow days.  We would complete about 5-10
websites a month that  I sold on eBay. Truth be known that paid for
their salary.

Over the years I have bought, had built, sold, and flipped websites &
domain names consistently on the side.  However this market has evolved
into a huge business.  When I first started, I believed that one day
investors and entrepreneurs would buy, trade. That is why in 1997  I

I felt that one day people would buy and sell web properties, like 
they do homes, shopping centers, and apartment complexes now.
Websites are virtual real estate.

So I decided it was time for me to take my knowledge and understanding
of this business model to the next level.  Up until this time I was a casual
very part time, website investor.  I probably know more about buying 
and selling these digital properties than 90% of the people on the planet,
but the goal had never been to MASTER this business model.

While I am thinking about it, there is a phenomenal webinar training
I recommend on the concept of Mastery that is worth seeing, after you
read this article.  You can check it out here:



OK, so how do you get the most value from the network marketing 
podcast or any other podcast you listen to?  Let me give you the 
steps. I am assuming there is a business model your really want to
Master. It could be network marketing, it could be Crytpto currencey
day trading. It could be flipping websites, or building a network 
mareketing team.



                 It is a simple 3-Step process that anyone can follow. 


When wanting to learn a new business model the first thing I normally do
if identify all the podcast covering a specific business niche.

At the time of this writing I found 48 covering the network marketing business model on Itunes.

I also searched for website flipping and 14 podcasts popped up. Some of
those are weekly shows and others where just featuring guest talking
about the business model.

The number one question I believe people should ask is “Who is this
person, and why should I be listening to them?”
. The market today
is full of people with day jobs who are trying to teach people how to
do that which they have never done.

On podcasts, social media, YouTube, everywhere! Today more than
ever. you have to be careful who you listen to.

As Jim Rohn said:

“Don’t mistake sincerity with truth, because some people are
sincerely Wrong”

Niche businesses are full of people that are willing to tell you what
you want to hear so they can sell you what they want to sell you.

Network marketing is for the most part made up of good people
that really want to help, however you also have gurus telling newbies

“I am going to show you how to become a high paid network marketing
consultant even if you have never sponsored your first distributor or
acquired your first customer” Honestly this kind of crap not being
called out
is one of the major reason that network marketing business
model is not leading the entrepreneurial charge happening around
the world. It makes me throw up a little in my mouth. The fact that
anyone other people can hear this type of stuff from Ray Higdon &
others and not call it out, kinda blows my mind.

So the first thing to ask yourself is, who is this person and why am I
am listening to them?

Some industries call out fake gurus. Recently Amazon FBA guru
Kevin David has been called out on YouTube. Yes, he has made
millions of dollars, but not from operating Amazon FBA business
but from selling courses to newbies.

No matter how you look at it, falsifying numbers and doing anything else
to sale courses is not cool. 

Kevin David is ELIMINATED if I needed to learn the Amazon FBA business

So always look behind the curtain and try to see what is really going on.
Kevin David was the Top Guru on YouTube in the selling on Amazon FBA
niche, with over 870,000 followers on YouTube. 

I could give you example of network marketing gurus, but in this article
I won’t.  So step one is go through all the information you can find, if 
something doesn’t make sense our is a ridiculous claim or lie like “I am
going to show you how to sponsor 20 new distributors on your team in
the next 30 days, eliminate them!

Always look at their track record.

Just because someone calls them a network marketing pro, doesn’t
necessarily mean they are. Look at their track record. If it not 
about how much money a guru is making. Many are using the 
Kevin David method.  They tell newbies what they want to hear
so they can sell them what they want to sell. The real question to
ask before you listen to anyone is what is there track record?

Kevin David is a great public speaker as many people are, but 
how many people have they actually taught the business model
you want to learn?

If you want to see a network marketing guru go in their pants?

…….Ask them to tell you about a person they personally recruited,
who had never been in the network marketing business before,
who got to a full time income while part of their personal team.

STOP and think about this for a minute.   Is this
a legit question, maybe the most legit that should
answer for yourself?

Ask them to tell you about a person they personally
who had never been in the network
marketing business before
, who got to a full time
income while part of their personal team.




So the first step to getting the most value from network marketing 
podcast is to ask yourself who is this person, what is their track 
record, and why should I be listening to them.



This is the process I have followed for every business niche I have
ever decided to master.   Find the best teacher in the market based
upon nothing but their track record of teaching others.   Don’t
confuse this.

In our Kevin David example, he had a lot of credible people speaking
his praises, but these were people who were obviously fooled, or who
simply didn’t care that he was falsifying his numbers.

Gilt by association is a real thing.  I am not saying it is right, I am
just saying it is real.   So be careful who you support.  I believe in the
future calling out Fake Gurus will become more and more common.

I don’t care how many followers they have on social media, or how many
people people say they are the best thing since sliced bread.  Many gurus
 create following for all the wrong reasons.  The truth is most people
rather be sold a dream instead of told the truth as it relates
to any
entrepreneurial endeavor.

Once I find the right mentor then I plug in.  How do they teach?
Webinars? Seminars? Live Events? Group Coaching? One-On-One

I binge on their podcasts, read their books etc. I totally emerge myself 
in their world and learn everything I possible can. 


Go to work and implement what I learn.

Knowledge without Action leads to Self Delusion

There are many people who are learners who have a hard time
putting into action what they learn.

The Action takers are the Money Makers.

I believe many podcast listeners suffer from information overload
because they have not:

1) Committed to a Business Model Until they Master It

2) Found the Right Mentor

I understand that many network marketing podcast listeners
are in the evaluation stage.  They are studying different 
business models looking for an opportunity that lines 
up with their goals.  I respect that.

So make a list of every opportunity you are aware of.

Then start eliminating them.

If you decide that the network marketing business model
in the one for you.  Start listening to every network 
marketing podcast you can, and then eliminate them.

Find a mentor and plug in!   This is a process that has
served me well over the years, and I hope it will do 
the same for you.

Podcast and online training are the greatest thing that
has happened to the entrepreneurial world.  I hope these
3 steps have provided insights that you will implement 
and be of value for you on your journey.