Can you recruit network marketing distributors with a MLM Success Podcast Tee Shirt?



Can your recruit network marketing podcast with Tee Shirts? Our listeners tell us you can certainly attract, like minded people when you sport the MLM Success Podcast T in crowds!  When you stop and really think about it, it makes sense doesn’t it?  If you saw someone at the mall or Farmers Market wearing a shirt that says MLM wouldn’t you have to connect with them?  This is a recruiting tool the works without you thinking about it, much like a button.

“Dale I just wanted you to know I received my T-Shirt on Friday and wore it to my son’s baseball game on Saturday.  I had 3 moms ask me about it that I had no idea where involved with other network marketing opportunities.  We have decided to meet for lunch once a week and brain storm, and of course they will all be subscribing to your podcast”      Alexa Farmingon  Massachusetts

“He guys, I love my MLM Success Podcast T-Shirt, it is a real conversation starter.  Every time I wear it in a crowd, someone makes a comment.  It has led me to two customers already, and I have 4 prospects in my funnel, all who had been involved with various MLM companies in the past”  I bought mine to wear to my company convention so I could give you guys some love, but had no idea it would be such a good prospecting tool”   Thanks Bunches !!    Marisa in San Diego

Dale I had to share this with you.  I was in Michigan for my nephews graduation.  The night before all the family went out to eat at Outback Steakhouse.  We were in the lobby waiting to be seated and a nice lady walked up to me and said, Dale Calvert, is that the New Image Dale Calvert?  It took me a minute to understand what she was saying, but she had seen you name on the shirt, and told me she had been part of your New Image Team.  Long story short she has looked at my Play 1 and wants to learn more!  Thanks for all you do, I had to share this with you.    Lisa Johnson  Crown Point, Indiana

There is no question that T-Shirts are the new fashion trend right now.  You have probably noticed that everyone is reading them and paying attention to the Tee’s you are wearing more than at anytime in history.  In the past we have used Tee shirts to prospect, but these were always company or product focused.  Those of you that are members of our 21 Ways to Create Local MLM Leads Program have heard us talk about.

From the messages we are getting from MLM Success Podcast listeners who have invested in our T-Shirts they are creating conversations with current, former, or disillusioned, network marketing distributors on a regular basis who are asking them about their shirts. I guess the big MLM in the middle is grabbing people’s attention.  Who would have thought it?

We sincerely appreciate all of you that have purchased MLM Success Podcast Tee Shirts to support our show and we are glad this is going to be an investment, that can pay you back many times over!

The MLM Success Podcast T-shirts are now available for purchase. They are available in small, medium, large and XLarge and we will ship them anywhere in the world.

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