I believe that the quality of our life and our business is in direct proportion to quality of the questions we ask ourselves and answer ourselves truthfully.


One of the best questions you can always ask yourself is Who is this person and WHY should I be listening to them”.   The network marketing industry, like every business it is full of a lot of  good, honest, hard working, people and some self-centered egotistical jerks.


Some of you may be thinking who is Dale Calvert, so here is my story:




I was blessed or cursed (depending on how you look at it)  with an abnormal curious entrepreneurial mind.  For the first 19 years of my life I attempted to break down all human emotions that swirl around the network marketing business model in an attempt to maximize my time and upside potential.

When we were all in building from 1995 – 2000 we developed an organization of over 60,000 distributors who did over 100 million dollars in wholesale sale.  Most of our team members had never been involved with or had success with the network marketing business model.

However we were able to build a team of well over 200 six figure earners, and a couple of our team members became millionaires. The bottom line is tens of thousands of people made profits, positively effected the lives of customers lives were changed for the better, the ripple effect that has had on their families is priceless. At the age of 39 I retired the first time from building teams, to peruse other business interest, because I saw the negative shift that was happening in the market place and the writing on the wall.

However, the industry wouldn’t let me go.  I was pursing other businesses but people kept asking me to speak at Super Saturday events, do webinar training’s for their groups, do key note training’s at company conferences, and it has never stopped. Today I accept up to two keynotes a month, and have traveled all over the world sharing the concepts of team building and how to maximize the time and effort you devote to your business, doing income generating activities.  We built Network Marketing Support Services Inc. out of necessity.  




Then in August 2015 it happened.  I had two heart attacks and 4 stints placed in my heart.  I couldn’t do much of anything for a few weeks, and that is when I discovered podcast for the first time.  Actually a web guy that was on our staff several year before who one time produced our MLM Minute videos for YouTube started uploading them to Itunes as well.  I honestly forgot he did that and didn’t know they were there until a coaching client asked me about them.

So from age 39 when I retired from building teams to 55 when I had a couple of heart attacks, I realized I had been coasting for 16 years.  Quite frankly just enjoying life.  Yes during that entire time I had coaching & training contracts with multiple companies, bought,sold, and started multiple businesses, and was probably as active and having as much fun learning as I ever have.  But I had multiple irons in the fire,and business partnerships, and not a lot of FOCUS.

One night I was laying in bed listening to a podcast and I fell asleep.   I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, and the first thing I remember is a lady saying it is time to figure out what you are going to do with the rest of your life, “God is not finished with you yet”.   

I was half a wake and half asleep, I think they call that Alpha state.  Anyway she asked a series of four or five questions, and when she was done, I knew that I had to devote as much time as I could to the PEOPLE in the network marketing business model and start a network marketing podcast.  Actually I found a local guy to do the techie stuff on Craigslist &  we started three podcast.  Honestly their has not been a day that has past when I haven’t thought to myself, Why are you doing this?  But I know in my heart, I am doing what I am called to do at this time in my life.  Sometimes we don’t know why, we just know. Experience has shown me life is to be lived forward, and understood looking backwards.


Today my wife Dawn and I and a small staff operate out of our office in Georgetown, Kentucky Calvert Marketing Group.   At this time 90% of my personal time is centered on projects, podcasts, public speaking, generic webinar trainings and web properties around the network marketing niche.  However I understand that network marketing podcasts touch a very small segment of the network marketing business model.  We sincerely appreciate our listeners who share episodes with uplines, donwlines, sidelines, corporate officers and on you social media pages.  You guys are why we do what we do.  If you are not familiar with the 3 podcast we currently produce, you can learn more about them here: NETWORK MARKETING PODCAST


However our passion is to support and help all entrepreneurs. I know it sound cliche, but our priorities are God, Each Other, Family, & Business.  Our translation of business is team members, clients, customers, and friends.  The people we support and work with everyday.  We are here to support, but the one thing I have learned over the years is you can’t want it more for them than they want it for themselves.

We have several businesses and web properties that fall outside of the network marketing niche, within the Calvert Marketing umbrella including D&D Publishing, Wildcat Gifts, Merry Collection, CMG Promotions,  D&D Investments, and others.

We are entrepreneurs, who love people with entrepreneurial spirits and understand that your long term growth potential is in direct proportion to the value you provide to the markets that you serve.

We do offer a private Facebook page for members of our MLM TRAINING CLUB.  The MLMTC is on of the private groups we run for career minded network marketers and most of our regular podcast listeners have become members, Thank You!  If you would like to know more about this private group you can here:  MLM TRAINING CLUB. 



We will never tell you what we think you want to hear so you will know us, like us, and trust us.  I simply speak my heart and let the chips fall where they may.   I believe the right people sniff out those that are simply telling people what they want to hear so they can sell them what they want to sell them, very quickly.   I think our podcast listeners are more intellectual, deep thinkers, and action takers compared to most listeners in the mlm podcast niche.   Not that there wasn’t enough paradox in the previous sentence trying to use action takers and intellectual in the same sentence but I am from a small town in Kentucky with a southern accent that is disturbing to some, my mind always gets moving faster then my tongue so I will tend to stutter over and even misuse words, but what you are hearing is 100% authentic.

I asked our podcast producer to not remove my ussss,  buttts,  and awkward words, and just produce it however it comes out. No cuts or edits in attempt to make me sound better.  If you are looking for a network marketing podcast with no fluff, and real word principles, concepts, and ideas that can move your business forward you have found it.  If you want to be entertained by a podcast that is perfectly produced, please don’t waste your time, it is the most valuable asset you have.

If this is your first visit to our website, you can find all our podcasts on Itunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud right now. If other players come out you think we should take a look at, please let us know.   You can access and listen to every episode directly from this website if you want, here is the link:


Where Should You Start?

That is a very hard question to ask, because I probably have not met you yet.  Some of our podcast listeners are newbies who have never been involved in the network marketing business model before, or never had success.  Many are full-time owners or corporate officers. So that really depends on you, and where you are on your journey.  In general I believe one of the most important questions we should all be asking ourselves if we are listening to podcast, or watching some talking head on the news, is who is this person, and why should I be listening to them.  With that said, I would probably start with the video at the top of this page.  You will know exactly who I am,the path I have traveled, to this point,and if you have any questions you can always ask them here:


As far as specific podcast these 4 have provoke some of the most interesting comments to this point.



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