This session is only for career-minded network marketers. Those who want to leave their full-time job, create a 250K+ income and eventually financial independence, and even become a millionaire.

The truth is, if you are a regular listener to this podcast, then you are probably ready to hear these 6 philosophies, but if you aren’t there is a good chance you will think I am crazy because they are contradictory to everything you have been taught by your upline and self-proclaimed gurus in the market.

The truth is The gurus want to keep you engaged and coming back to their next webinar, or live event and spending your money on their fu fu dust tactics.

Your upline just hopes to keep you hanging around on auto-ship for one more month.

So if you are a serious, career-minded builder it is my hope that this session gives you insights that will serve you well as you continue to recruit and build your team.

 Websites Mentioned in this session.