If you know nothing about the Tony Shoupe story, it will be time well spent to listen to our original podcast session we recorded with Tony a couple of years ago here. https://youtu.be/UTP2eYaXYM8

Tony Shoupe will never understand how thankful I am to have him on this journey with us. I first met Tony many years ago when he was a teenager who had gone through a horrific car wreck. You can hear the story here https://mlmsuccess.com/story281. Today Tony has spent his career as a successful sales manager. He is the father of 3 daughters and lives in a small Kentucky town, Mt. Sterling. 

I witnessed the personal development and team culture totally change Tony’s life. Tony was there and witnessed everything when NII, one of the Top 3 Rated network marketing companies in the world at the time, totally blew up and went into what I have referred to over the years as World War 3 mode.

I can count on 3 fingers the people that are in my life today, that really understand how bizarre that time and place was in my personal entrepreneurial career. My mom, dad, and Tony Shoupe. So thankful he is with us today, doesn’t really begin to explain it.

Tony was with us on day one when Ihub Global introduced the ERC program. Tony had a lot of life events going on at the time. He had a slow start with ERC, but as we say life happens.  You have to run when you can run. 

Tony would probably say that the interview we did with Shellie Giddings titled BREAK OUT TO 1 MILLION available here    https://youtu.be/4IxRGEqywf4  was a mind tweak for Tony. Over the past couple of months, Tony has gotten on a roll booking 27 calls representing 528 W2’s.

Tony understands the power of unified teams and the absolute fact that

T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

I am excited to have him as our special guest on this week’s session.