Over the years we have all met people who at one time in their life gave their heart and soul to a network marketing company. They had success, but not the level of success they had hoped for, many times for reasons they had absolutely no control over.

Unfortunately for the industry, many times these people leave the profession determined never to return. The truth is, everyone falls in love with their first company.   

After you give a company, or profession your heart and soul and your dreams fade it is very hard to come up with the determination, focus, and belief it takes to dream again. How many times have you heard, I just can’t do it again? 

I get that, people mistakenly think all network marketing team cultures and all opportunities are basically the same, and the truth is nothing is further from the truth.

I have no doubt that as you listen to Tony’s story you will be thinking of people you have met or maybe even former team members that need to hear it, I hope you will share it with them.


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