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In this session Dale will give insights into organic organizational growth and how building your local team on solid, common sense principles allows you to expand and develop a nationwide and worldwide organization.
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This podcast is hosted by 30 year network marketing pro Dale Calvert.   Dale has always taught “If you build people, people will build the business.”His unique, innovative system and programs have been implemented by many full-time pros around the world.

This remarkable story will inspire you and confirms that persistence always pays off.   I remember the first night Joy got started with the program.  I promised her that if she gave us one year we would change her life.  She is the definition of the word.

For those of you that have invested in our  program, have heard us talk about our handwritten postcard recruiting campaign.  This is how Kim & her husband Steve were originally sponsored into the network marketing industry.  Yes this method still works today because human nature is human nature.   You probably have people on your team that are ready to give up on their dream.  This is the story you need to share.


Phil’s Story is one I have seen thousands of times over the years.  Professional people with high work ethic, and a proven successful business career enter the industry only to realize network marketing is not about their personal talents and abilities, it is about developing those traits in others based upon proven wisdom of the ages; Success Principles.   Please share this with any leader who you think can benefit from Phil’s story.

In this episodes Dale interviews Michael Newkirk who spent 12 focused, dedicated,  years and built the 3rd largest organization in his company worldwide.   Michael’s story just further proves that if you focus on the right things, long-term network marketing success is there for those that are willing to take consistent action.  After you learn the skill sets an mindsets necessary for success you can build it wherever you go!

The 30th  president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge said  “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”  Almost every successful, self-made entrepreneur on the planet has had the opportunity to throw in the towel many times along the journey.  Paul and Marcia Lanes Network Marketing success story certainly drives that point home.  Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and to have all your excuses for not succeeding in the network marketing industry and life REMOVED!

It is a very rare person that can process proven systems and just apply them without trying to shortcut  them or add their own spin.  David Cook had a better understanding of developing leaders based upon duplicable systems than anyone I have ever worked with.  He started with zero network marketing experience and progressed straight to the top by simply being teachable, working hard and helping others get what they want.

In this session Dale will give you insights on prospecting, MLM lead generation, and network marketing recruiting that can only come from someone who personally recruited over 1,000 people in during his network marketing career and while building a worldwide teams in excess of 60,000 people.  There is a reason Dale was always recognized as one of the top recruiters in the network he built and it had everything to do with systems and proven techniques.  Dale’s systems are based upon human psychology and the predictability of people.  There is not a prospecting and recruiting method Dale teaches that cannot be mastered by regular people.  They have very little do with developing a brand, or personally attracting people because they know, like and trust you, or any of the other flawed concepts network marketers have been spewing for the past 15 years.

Can you sell product and enroll new distributors wearing a button?  What should the button say?  What do you say?  How specifically do you respond?  In this episode Dale will share with you how many of his MLM Students create 50 plus leads each week with a simple little button.  Too cool to wear a button?  “That just means your bonus check is not big enough yet.”  If you are serious about creating leads for your products, we feel you will find this information valuable.

Most network marketers have no game plan for getting their business off of the ground and moving forward.  If we are describing you, you are in the majority, so don’t feel bad.  In this episode you will learn why doing business with those you know, like and trust makes sense when choosing a dry cleaners but not a network marketing upline team, and what to do if you have already made this common mistake, and how to make certain your team members never become part of the majority.

In this MLM Success Podcast Dale interviews Mark Holmes.  Mark worked in the construction business for 29 years before joining network marketing industry.  Today he is full-time with  an organization of over 6,000 people in 40 different countries around the world.  In this episode Mark shares with you the principles and insights that he believes can propel anyone who decides, to the top of the network marketing mountain.

In this MLM Success podcast episode Dale has a revealing discussion with George Madiou, publisher of “The Network Marketing Magazine.”  George graduated from NYU with a degree in business and marketing and owned traditional businesses for eighteen years before discovering the network marketing business model by accident.  In this episode Dale and George examine the network marketing industry today, their vision of the future, and what it really takes to build a large, duplicating team in today’s network marketing environment.

Dale considers Brad Bradford to be one of the best students, (who became a great leader) he has ever personally worked with. In 2010 Brad joined a company that Dale had a corporate training and consulting contract with. In this interview you will receive insights into not only what it takes to become a great student, but how to implement what you learn and become a great leader. Dale has taught the concept of identifying future leaders on your team, and getting them to a point of delegation so that they can continue to develop new leaders. We hope you find this session insightful and thought provoking and as always your comments, questions, and feedback are welcome.

In this Ask Dale Section of the podcast Dale Calvert will share with you valuable insights on how young distributors in their twenties can share their business opportunity with Baby Boomers. You will also learn why Dale believes that your chronological age means nothing as it relates to the opportunity offered by your company and your ability to grow a large, duplicating network marketing team.

Scott and Linda ask questions about drop cards.  Dale speaks to the importance, relevance, and return on investment of drop cards and how to best use them in network marketing.

This thought provoking interview network marketing leader Sue Austin will inspire you.  There is no question that you will immediately think of someone on your team that needs to hear Sue’s story.  Sue worked as a waitress, hair dresser, medical records transcriptionist before discovering the network marketing business model. An avid learner, she plugged in, learned everything she could, took action and today she is a six figure earner living the lifestyle many dream of.  The best part, she is still learning, progressing and moving her business forward daily.  Enjoy!


In this episode Dale will share with you the time management systems that he has taught to help part-time network marketers get in a rhythmic flow that ultimately has helped thousands of distributors create full-time network marketing incomes. If you are a part-time network marketer struggling to create consistent results, grab a pencil and paper and listen to this podcast.


MLM Insights that will help network marketers no matter where you are in the world. Dale discusses duplication, prospecting, uplines, and other tough topics with answers that can only come from a leader with over 35 years experience and a track record of helping distributors develop six figure incomes around the world.


Carol Ely is one of the strongest directional leaders I ever had the opportunity to work with. She was a housewife, that didn’t even know what network marketing was when I met her, and she went on to develop an organization of tens of thousands of well trained distributors around the world before retiring a few years ago. When the right people find the right systems, success with the network marketing business model is virtually guaranteed. Without the right systems good people end up like the other 97% of people who come and go through this industry. Listen and learn from the great Carol Ely.

Years ago someone sent me a research paper around the topic called “Wistful Regret”.  The research outlined in the article made a huge impact me on the time.  Hellen Keller said “Hell starts when the person we are, meets the person we could have become”.  Over time I misplaced the article, butI am thankful to have found the recording/training I did a week orso after I was given the article. I am happy to have theopportunity to pay it forward and share it with you in this week’s MLM Success Podcast session. The audio quality is not that good, butthe warning of Wistful Regret can be live changing.

In session 13 we introduced you to Brad Bradford.  Dale considers Brad to be one of the best students he has had the opportunity to work with over the past 30+ years.   In session 21 we want to re-introduce you to Brad and share a training he did at a past event called USA , Urgency, Sort, All Numbers.  Dale has always taught wisdom of the ages success principles that he knows when internalize and implemented create predictable results.  The them throughout this podcast has been “If you build people, people will build the business” and Brad Bradford is a great example of that.

 Since 1983 Dale has been developing teams of people who master the basics, the core fundamentals of developing a duplicating network marketing organization. The session was filmed before a live audience and I hope it will drive home the fact that if you want to develop a strong organization you must help them master the basics while understanding “Their aint no fu fu dust”.

The examples Dale uses in this presentation will relate with any example of other skill sets you have developed in your life. This will be a session you will want every member of your network marketing team to hear.

“In the beginning you can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.” – Jim Rohn.  The bottom line when it comes to success is network marketing is simply numbers.  It always has been and IT ALWAYS WILL BE. Your goal on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is expose as many people to the FULL STORY as you can. How you do this varies from company to company. Most companies have a weekly event that you work towards. Today these are usually in the form of weekly opportunity webinars or conference calls. At the time this training was recorded most teams were built around weekly live opportunity meetings, thus the title “Fannies in Chairs”. However the concept of weekly exposures will never change. The reality is, there are X number of people you are going to have to expose to your product(s) and opportunity before you will achieve your current goal. The formula we have taught for years is X number of exposures = goal fulfilled. I don’t know what your number is, you don’t know, but we both know YOU HAVE A NUMBER! It is our goal that this week’s sessions will drive the point home at a level you may have never really thought about.

Lindsey Bennett asks for clarification about making a list of 50 people that you want to launch your business with.  Dale talks in more detail about your “dot” list and how best to organize it.

Build your Business by Will or Duplication
Author of “From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story”

Humble Beginnings Cedric the youngest of eight children was born to hard working parents in rural Pennsylvania, who instilled deep rooted core values in each of their children. Despite Cedric s parents insistence on higher education, the likelihood of Cedric becoming a third generation coal mine or steel mill worker was a strong possibility. However, the young Cedric fostered a dream, will and determination to live a different life than that which awaited him after completing his high school years. In the Midst of Change Ironically because of his unique athletic ability, Cedric s assumed fate began to change, with the Milwaukee Brewers offering him a contract, for which he declined, prior to graduating from high school, opting instead to receive full scholarships in both baseball and football to various universities around the country. Ultimately, Cedric chose Purdue University but later transferred to Western Kentucky where he played as an All-American, graduated and anticipated being a NFL draft pick. But, adversity called Cedric s name and he found himself in disarray, living in his car and in housing projects while relying on transitional assistance for food. Although his situation seemed dismal, Cedric refused to adopt a defeatist attitude and began to fight for the life that he wanted to live. The Journey to Success From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story candidly takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of starting a business and selling it to a major wireless company, to the pitfalls of losing it all during the aftermath of 9/11, followed by a tragic accident, spiritual epiphany, and the triumphant spirit of a man who refuse to let circumstance dictate his outcome in business and in life. There will be people

on your team that you will want to share this remarkable story with. Make sure to get your copy of Cedrics book at:

What book should someone read or re-read when starting in Network Marketing?  Dales gives a few a suggestions on key books that must be read.

Dale shares a powerful testimony from a MLM Success Podcast listener.  Dale speaks about how commitment is needed be successful in the Network Marketing Industry.

Dale speaks about how important faith is in life. However, sometimes we can be so unbalanced in our faith, that we miss using wisdom in our business. While faith is essential for Dale, he also understands that there are fundamental tools that must be used in business that go hand-in-hand with our spiritual lives.

In this session Dale will discuss mentorship. How do you find the right success mentors?  How do you find the right network marketing mentor?  Why and when should you expect people to work with you.  Why many good people repel the perfect prospects for their business and much more.  Dale also offers a free PDF called Pinnacle MLM Leadership that is available at and a few more valuable free resources.

In this session, Dale speaks on mastering lead generation strategies.  He will walk you through and give you the nuts and bolts on what has worked well for him throughout the years.  He also talks about what doesn’t work and what to stay away from.

A Network Marketer asks Dale about a concept called “Invest, Learn, Teach”.  Dale talks about his concerns with other concepts and what to focus on when growing in this business.

As 2016 rolls to a close, Dale talks about a simple but extremely impactful approach to having breakthroughs in life.  The links spoken about in this podcast is and

To start out 2017, Dale catches up on questions that listeners asked in 2016.

In this session Dale talks about the importance of mentally and emotionally launching your network marketing business just like you would any small business in your neighborhood.

Dale feels that 95% of the distributors, who have participated in the network marketing business over the past 15 years or so, have never been taught how to actually launch their business.

In this session Dale will give you insights into the actual launch process and how to get your business off the ground and create customers and team members as quickly as possible.

If you have questions you can contact Dale here:

In this thought provoking session Dale will help you think through and review your natural thought process as it relates to questions, confusion, and excuses for not moving past limiting beliefs with your network marketing business.

Over your career you will have team members that need to hear this session.

You can learn more about Dale, and his deep network marketing training philosophies at

In this session Dale will share with you deep insights as it relates to lead generation and recruiting new members on your network marketing team.

Dale will also reveal why the #1 way to recruit people has always been #1 and always will be.

In this down to earth common sense episode Dale will share with you why the business model has moved away from wisdom and towards ideas that sound good on the surface but have proven not to work against natural human instinct. After this episode you will never look and lead generation and recruiting the same way.

Before you listen to this session ask yourself this question. If a normal looking person walked up to you in a big box store and said, I need a favor, can you help me out? What would your personal response be?

This is not a trick question. Really, how would you respond? Go it? Now listen to this episode not from a mental state based upon a philosophy you may have been sold, but from a down to earth, basic human nature perspective.

For a deeper insights on this topic watch the free recorded webinar

Don’t even consider letting a team member invest their advertising budget in genealogy leads until they have heard this session. In this episode Dale shares the history of genealogy leads and why all network marketing newbies should avoid them, and the most effective way for full time network marketers to expand their business with them.

In this session Dale will share with you why branding makes perfect sense in traditional business and is a flawed concept as it relates to building a real network marketing business with real customers and a duplicating distributor organization.


In this session Dale will share stories of many network marketing distributors that he would have saved countless numbers of unproductive hours and hundreds of dollars in wasted funds. If you are a career-minded network marketing distributor, you will learn why you should always ASK DALE first, and how easy it is to get straight answers to your lead generation and team building questions.

In this session you can eavesdrop in on Dale and his dad, Ben Calvert discussing their long history of working together and their entrepreneurial journeys.  You will discover deep insights into why network marketing is the perfect personal development program and how to live a life that will inspire your family and all those around you.

In this session Dale will share with you exactly why a closing mentality is one of the biggest time wasters when building a network marketing team.
You will learn how this misguided mentality originated and the paradigm shift that will immediately turn the tables and stack the odds for success in your favor.
If you want to maximize your recruiting efforts and get the most positive results on the time you are investing in your business then prepare to listen closely and take notes. Dale will share with you proven terminology that you won’t get from any book on “Closing”.

You can keep up with Dale here:

Just like you can tell how big a building will be by looking at the foundation, Dale talks about how the principles and philosophies that you build upon ultimately determines the growth of your building.  Dale goes into the equation of “X number of people exposed = reasons fulfilled.”

In this session Dale will take on of the most common frustrations active distributors experience.  Organizations of people that do not take consistent action.   You will learn insights into how to stack the odds of success in your favor and your team members in this episode.