There is a reason this info-mercial was one of the most successful info-mercials to ever be introduced into the home base business market.  One word, AUTHENTICITY.  

You knew every person sharing their testimony in this show where real people, with real stories, the thought of anyone being a “paid actor” or exaggerating the truth,  never entered your mind. 

This show was responsible for recruiting many people that went on to become well recognized names in the industry, Mike Potillo who currently is the director of marketing for IT WORKS and others. 

More importantly this show attracted THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Many people who have gone on to have very successful entrepreneurial careers in network marketing and other work at home and traditional businesses niches.  

I am sure they didn’t turn on the TV hoping to find an infomercial they could watch. The infomercial like many effective marketing techniques are disruptive. Does that mean they don’t work?

We have somehow been sold that disruptive marketing methods don’t work, that is simply not true!  In fact in most case the numbers will prove it is a lie.  People had the free choice to turn off the infomercial or change the channel, as they do today.

To be offended because your Facebook feed has ads on your YouTube cat video got interrupted with something, that could possibly change your life makes no sense to me.

Many times we are at cross roads in our life, and don’t know it.  We are not expecting for something to happen that totally disrupts our routine and puts it on a path to financial independence, better health, or learning how to be a better human being in general.  It just disrupts us, we take action and the process starts.

Everyone that saw this infomercial and responded, joined us, and took action will tell you the positive impact that opportunity had on their life is something money can’t buy.  For me that is what network marketing has always been about.  Build people and people will build the business.

It is sad for me to see how predatory many network marketing companies and distributors have become and even sadder is the number of good people that are sincerely looking for a solid opportunity that fall into those predatory cultures.   To think all MLM companies and opportunities are the same, is naive.

I have been saying it since 1999 when I produced the MLM IS A SCAM TRAINING, We all have to do a better job at taking care of the goose that is laying the Golden Eggs and call out every individual, company, and self-proclaimed guru who is telling the truth 80% of the time!

 For this profession to survive we must all be 100% Authentic and Honest, 100% of the time, and not be afraid to call out predatory people and activates when we witness them.  To assume the anti-mlm crowd are all losers is also naïve.  Some of these people have legit complaints that could have and should have been addressed by the company and or field leaders. 

This profession is about trust.  There is no room for 80%, 90% or 95% truth.  Many people Dale me that if I did say everything I knew, I would be better off.  I cannot tell you how many times people have said, Dale something you just need to keep to yourself.   I understand that but I am not able to agree with it.  

Ultimately this journey is about finding people you can be 100% truthful and authentic with, they have your back, and you have there’s and at all times you have to be free to tell each other what needs to be said.   I have several friends and team members like this in the profession.  We can yell at scream at each other but at the end of the day, they know I have their best interest at hear and they have mine.  AUTHENTICY a place this profession needs to return to.