All of us have a chance in our live to “Become a Victim” and live in that state for the rest of our life. We can decide to win and become victorious, it is never easy but it is possible. You will have members of your team that need to hear Dee’s story and all of us need to make the decision daily to make each day the best we can possibly make it no matter what the circumstances we are dealing with.

Enjoy this session and make certain to share it with the people on your team who need to hear the story.


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Dale Calvert is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Calvert Marketing Group. He started his first business at 14, a mail order business, from his parent’s home. Today, Dale, his wife Dawn and a small staff of 10 people operate 4 businesses in 4 different niches


Dale is also a public speaker, bestselling author and has been featured on every TV network and in multiple entrepreneurial books, articles and publications.


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