As the world economy continues to move forward faster and faster with technology the number of displaced workers around the world is going to be far greater than most people can imagine at this point and time. Dale wrote about this in detail in an article that is worth checking out here: In today’s world this training will probably not be considered “politically correct” Please understand this recorded years ago, so if someone saying they want their wife to be home with his children, or calling someone his black brother offends you, don’t listen to this session. However I believe this mentality and story is going to be part of our future. The number of displaced workers around the world is going to be staggering, hard to even imagine, for most people.

Developing your leadership skills now with the network marketing profession is a wonderful strategic move. The highest paid profession in this world always has been and always will be REAL LEADERSHIP. “Real leaders don’t develop followers, they develop other leaders”

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