This podcast was inspired by Facebook posts from network marketing veterans Diane Hochman and Brian Mcmullen.

I have known both of these people for many years and so appreciate it when common sense knowledge and wisdom is shared in the Network Marketing Space. Do I agree with their views on everything related to building network marketing teams? Of course not, and I am sure they would say the same thing about me.

I believe the points covered in this session hit the nail squarely on the head, and I wanted to do my part to make sure these thoughts are preserved and didn’t get lost in Facebook oblivion. I hope you enjoy this session, and share it with those that can benefit from Diane an Brian’s wisdom.

Since 1983 Dale has been teaching the 4 beliefs concept to network marketing leads. Believe in the company, product, network marketing business model, and yourself.

In this session Dale will raise some thought provoking questions, and interesting ideas. What is the difference between your personal opinions, attitudes, and beliefs and how much of a role do they play in your success or lack there of?

This will be a session that you will want to share with the new members on your team and possibly your upline leaders.

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I think it is fair to say that after 37 years in the network marketing profession as a frustrated distributor, six figure earner, million dollar earner, corporate VP of sales & company owner, Dale sees network marketing opportunities through different colored glasses than most.

Thank you for listening to the podcast, and if the information covered makes sense for you, please subscribe to our channel.

Dale Calvert is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Calvert Marketing Group. He started his first business at 14, a mail order business, from his parents’ home. Today, Dale, his wife Dawn and a small staff of 10 people operate 4 businesses in 4 different niches

Dale is also a public speaker, bestselling author and has been featured on every TV network and in multiple entrepreneurial books, articles and publications.

Dale is the host of the No Fluff Network Marketing & MLM Success podcast, highlighting real success stories from real people and leadership principles and concepts required to build duplicating network marketing teams.

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