In this session, Mr. Calvert will share the only side Hustle you can start from scratch and become a millionaire in 12 months & also what he is calling (The Side Hustle Shift of 2023).

Dale will also share with you a 5-step formula for identifying legit opportunities that may be worth your time and how to avoid everything else. It is our hope that you will be able to use this 5 STEP FORMULA THE REST OF YOUR entrepreneurial career because real entrepreneurs pivot.

Dale along with many credible entrepreneurs with track records believes most of the side gig videos on YouTube are just fluff. 

In fact, in this session, he says “the only place side gig profits come before education and action is on YouTube and in 95% of the fluff blog article online regarding the subject”.

In this session, you will learn exactly how and why the side gig income market has shifted in 2023. In this session, Mr. Calvert will also reveal to you the only side opportunity he has seen during his 40+ years as an entrepreneur that provides a real opportunity to start from scratch and create a million-dollar income over the next 12 months. 

We understand that statement sounds ridiculous but we invite you to open your mind and stay with Mr. Calverts thought process in this session, we think you will be glad you did.


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The 3 min video for small business owners.