The main theme of this podcast is a simple truth that will not be understood by the masses until it is too late.

“Block Chain Technology, Decentralized Finance and the crypto space is providing opportunities to entrepreneurs that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago & most people don’t even know exist today.”

They provide set and forget passive income opportunities unlike any the world has ever seen, and the opportunity to make a lifetime income in a few years.

In this session Mr. Calvert will share with you passive income opportunities in what he calls the gizmo and gadgets crypto category. 

He is not talking about specific cryptocurrencies but plug and play devices that can create ongoing monthly passive income for you each and every month.

One of these devices is in the pre-beta phase at the time of this recording and he feels offers entrepreneurs more upside income poenitentia than any opportunity he has seen in his life. A true win for the customer, the affiliate, and the company that could only be available because of the block chain technology that is available today.

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Websites Referenced in this session:

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