If you have not heard part 1 of this session, we highly recommend that you listen before you listen to that session before you hear this one. In this session, Mr. Calvert is going to share with you an entrepreneurial state of mind he calls Jet Fuel. For those of you that have followed his work over the years, he says he is extremely excited to share this session with you. Dale says the last time he can remember being this excited was several months ago when he shared with his personal team what he calls the 5th star, and how THE EMOTIONAL STATE OF THE MARKET determines the true upside potential of any business. If you haven’t heard that training, at
MLMSuccess.com we cannot recommend it highly enough, we will put the link below.

Websites Mentioned in this Session:
The Emotional State of the Market Determines the Upside Potential of Your Opportunity https://youtu.be/bZTVd40cg2w

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