Jessie Eckel is a 27%ER, An average person with an above-average desire who is willing to let himself Dream Big and CHARGE

When I first heard Jessie Eckel my initial thought was he has to be one of the most naïve entrepreneurs I have ever heard of or the greatest con man on the planet. I have since discovered he was one of the most naive entrepreneurs I have ever heard.

Please don’t mistake Jessie’s naivete for lack of intelligence.
He is a very intelligent and intuitive young man. It is very important as you listen to this session to remind yourself. he went from unemployed to a net worth of 1.6 million dollars in 16 months.

What can we learn from his story & others like Jessie’s? In this session, we will examine Jessie’s story and look at all the Wisdom of the Ages success principles he PUT INTO ACTION on his journey.

If you are a regular listener of this podcast or a member of our programming your mind for success community, you have heard me say many times ALL Self-Made Successful people have basically the SAME THOUGHT PROCESS. They all are action takers who fall into the 6 or 7 categories of entrepreneurs we will also be reviewing in this session.