Why did you really get involved with your network marketing company?
Mr. Calvert truly believes that the Top 3 Benefits of joining an MLM company are.
#1 The personal growth required to become a team leader and to maximize your full income potential. THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.
Your business will never grow larger than you do, as a leader.
#2 The authentic friendships that are developed. We live in a world full of people we have never met that we call friends. However, if you are with the right team and the right team culture you will develop authentic lifelong friendships in this profession.
#3 Is the freedom and lifestyle the residual income can create. When Dale joined his first network marketing company 40 years ago he thought if I could ever work his way up to $100,000 a year income and not have a boss, life couldn’t get much better than that.
Listen closely, and to the own self be true. The ying and the yang of the network marketing business model is that personal growth is so life-changing and the friendships become so deep that sometimes we forget about the real reason we joined this profession, the money.
More importantly, what that money will provide for individuals and our families in terms of security, lifestyle & freedom, and a sense of personal accomplishment.
In this session, Dale will take a deep dive into this concept, and a change in philosophy on how today you have the opportunity to immediately develop your business profits into passive income crypto projects than can help you quit your job, retire your spouse, or even develop financial independence much quicker.
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