If all you want to know is the Secret watch this:


Mr. Calvert says the subtitle of this session could be. The Only Possible Way to Create Network Marketing Success in 2022.

He also says the truth is, nobody on the planet can give you this SECRET other than the person talking to you on this podcast. He acknowledges that statement sounds extremely egotistical. When it comes to network marketing success, the truth is Dale Calvert, has devoted his life to understanding what it really takes for the average person with above average desire, what he calls the 27% to create Success in network marketing. He first wrote about the 27% philosophy in the Masses book in https://amzn.to/33zjYMw

When Dale says success. he is not talking about getting your autoship free, or making a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars profit here and there.


Dale is talking about joining a company, making a profit your first month or for sure within your first 90 days, and then putting yourself on a path where your organization and income grows month after month, until you are able to be full-time. Your team and income should continue to grow year after year until you are able to become full-time, develop financial independence, and then if you choose …….. legacy wealth.

I am talking about using the network marketing business model to put you in a state where you don’t need the check from your MLM company, or anyone else to live a comfortable lifestyle. Real Financial Independence.


If the network marketing business vehicles don’t supply that type of upside potential, then why do it? 

Again, Mr. Calvert acknowledges how egotistical it sounds to say I am the only person on the planet that can reveal to you the only way possible to create network marketing success in 2022. It is very humbling. Because of that Dale feels obligated to share this information with you. Do with it as you wish or ignore it. However, we believe for some of you, your prayer is about to be answered.



The Only Possible Way to Create Network Marketing Success in 2022.


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