Dale calls this workshop “The most important information I will ever

share with entrepreneurial spirited people”. Your personal upside

potential is always in relationship to your mental expectations and programming.

The truth is there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to create their

ideal life than at any time in the history of the world. There are also more

challenges, and personal education and reprogramming your mindsets are

required. But you will never take the steps to move forward if self-limiting

beliefs are not identified and re-programmed.

Dale has been teaching his 15 minutes a day to the Program Your Mind for Success Program for over 30 years and thousands of people have gone through this program, followed the 15 min daily program, and develop a mindset where they enter every day knowing they are going to win, and they do. 

It doesn’t take motivation, or focus, this program develops people that are focused and motivated. It doesn’t take effort when you are programmed for success. You just naturally live your life daily expecting to win in all areas of life. We all must act daily in accordance with our mental programming.

Programming Your Mind for Success Workshop:


Behind the Scenes

What is the Programming Your Mind for Success Membership?