This session is going to be somewhat of a brain dump. The first thing I just need to do is document a report I wrote about 2 weeks ago called the game plan to six figures a month within 6 months.  

This report was written for experienced successful team builders, you can send us an email if you would like a copy of the PDF because it will never be made available publicly for reasons that will become obvious in this podcast.

I sincerely believe the experience myself and many others have had over the past few weeks, is a great example when not only the 4 stars line up, but the perfect marketing message to the perfect audience.

The first thing you should know is what I am about to share with you in this session is not theory. IT IS A CASE STUDY that I believe will be evergreen and I hope will provide valuable insights for you now and for others far into the future.

In 7 weeks, I have built the team that was projected to provide me a million-dollar annual income. So, when I talk about six figures a month within six months, I believe by the time you finish this report, you will know that opportunities still exist when preparation, the right timing, work ethic, and marketing message meet.


Resources mentioned in this session:

 Dale’s personal website – blog


The North America Launch Team

The 2 Minute IHub Global Explanation Video (Prior to 11-6)

Current Price of HNT Helium Coin.


Official IHub Global Updated Info

Worldwide Hotspot Locator


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