Am I missing something here? Would you rather be lead by a leader that says do it this way, IT IS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, or a leader that says “we could try this”, “this might work”, etc.?

Look at it from a real-life perspective.

Would you rather follow a baseball manager or any coach that says my way or the highway and here is my track record or someone that says, try this it may help you?

Isn’t this wisdom of age’s success principle clear?

Every great teacher was first a great student.

Every great leader was first a great follower.

Every leader in history had a mentor!

 After 40 years in this profession, I realize that what I thought made logical, real-world business sense to intelligent people, DOESN’T. 

That is what Dale talks about in this interview with John Milton Fogg, author of The Greatest Networker in the World.

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