I want to welcome you to session 233 of the MLM Success Podcast. How to accomplish more in 6 months than the last 20 Year Combined. Featuring Allen Knight.

In many ways, the path to network marketing success is easier today than it has ever been, IF YOU are following proven systems that lead to success & you are with the right company at the right time in history.

If that is the case, why has network marketing become a huge social club full of wimpy distributors that have bought into 8th place trophy philosophies taught by 3%ers whose only concern seems to be to keep their team members on auto-ship or sell them their new attraction market course?

This week I want to listen in on a conversation I recently had with Allen Knight. For the first time in twenty years, Allen’s business is moving forward and progressing every day, every week, and every month.

He will share with you exactly how and why this is happening in this week’s session.


Websites Mentioned in this session:

Allen’s website:


Dale’s generic training system


Dale’s 15 minute a day mind programming program