Personally, I have never met a network marketer making $100,000.00+ a year who didn’t quit Network Marketing for good, at least one time on their journey.

As Dale shares in this podcast, he has quit network marketing 3 times over his 40-year career promising to never build a team again!

If you are listening to this podcast session then there is a good chance someone has recently shared with you information about a network marketing business or products they are involved with and your response was something like “ I will never join another network marketing program”

For some of you, that is a great decision and you should never join another network marketing program. However, Dale goes on to explain how if he had stuck with that decision the first time after he made it, it would have cost him over 10 million dollars in commissions and overrides.

It is our hope that this session will help you make the right decision for yourself, and put it in stone.