I have always believed and taught that building a network marketing team is built between your ears. It is a mindset game. The challenge has always been to FOCUS every hour of every day on WHY you are doing what you are doing, and your goals and dream. You must develop a strong, powerful mindset to achieve your full upside potential. Your mindset can put you in a productive rhythm that leads to success or keep you in a state of mediocrity. In this session Dale will talk about getting in a rhythm, staying in a rhythm, and what to do when you get knocked off your flow and rhythm of life and business.

Websites Mentioned in this Podcast:

Dr. Miles Monoroe – www.puremotivation.com/drmilesmonroe

Dr. Martin Luther King I have a Dream Speech -https://youtu.be/t8AxgXxmgFM

Dale’s APLGO Team – www.aplgousa.com

Network Marketing Training Club – www.mlmtrainingclub.com

Poaching Network Marketing Distributors – www.MLMSuccess.com/story199

Joe Biden 40 Years of Failed Race Relations – https://youtu.be/pYnhT4D0-sA

Dale’s Programming Your Mind for Success System – www.ProgrammingYourMind.com