It seems that more and more people are attempting to build multiple income streams at the same time with multiple MLM companies.

I believe the number one reason is because they have not found ONE opportunity that can provide a full-time income within a relatively short period of time. 

Keep in my mind, on my personal team in 2023 we will have between 30 – 100 people that started the year at zero and will end with an income of between $100,000 and 1 Million dollars. My point being the opportunities are out there!

The challenge is most people choose the wrong opportunities and then when the right opportunity is shared with them, they immediately move into a mindset of cognitive dissonance as described in this article. Before you read any further, stop and ask yourself, am I describing you now, or at anytime during your network marketing journey?

This is a state that you must guard against. “If this horse is dead, get off of it”. Sometimes you have to coast until the right opportunity at the right time in history reveals itself to you.


Honestly, what I really want to say, is that if you ever find yourself looking for the Right Opportunity at the Right Time in History, one that can take you from zero to $100,000 in income with in a relatively short period of time, contact me, I will always give you a straight answer and a behind the curtain look!


Throughout my network marketing career I have met many people that are attempting to build two or more network marketing businesses at the same time.

I have never met anyone who was earning $10,000 a month or a full income at the same time with multiple companies.

I have met a very minute number of people that were making $10,000 plus with one company, resigned, made a pivot to another company and had built the 2nd company to $10,000 plus while still drawing a check from the previous company.

Building one progressing, focused, duplicating team is challenging enough, adding a 2nd in the mix makes no business sense, yet that is the predicament I find myself in going into the last quarter of 2023. I hope this frank conversation will give you insights and value that can only come from someone that has been in the game as long as I have.

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