Don’t Resale the Lies You Bought OBLITERATE them, so no one else gets a hold of them, and Unlearn them Reeducate yourself and teach that which is True.

The biggest lie that has been propagated throughout the network marketing profession is that Direct Outreach to your target market is a bad idea.

In the real business world, this happens every day, it is a normal, common, business practice, it is called headhunting.

How is it possible that such a common sense, logical approach to finding frustrated distributors in other companies that you may be able to help, has been DEMONIZED?

In this session, Mr. Calvert will share with you how this false philosophy has been propagated throughout the MLM industry to pad the pockets of a few and keep the masses blind.

It is our hope that this session doesn’t just give you a paradigm shift but actually makes you ashamed that you have participated in spreading the #1 lie in Network Marketing.

False ideas have been propagated throughout the network marketing industry to keep the checks in those in legacy companies from dwindling away and the newbies and the naive depending on self-proclaimed gurus and their next course or seminar.