This session is designed for serious, career-minded network marketing team builders. People who care more about reaching their goals than anything else.  

Let me say that again, I want to be clear. This is for people who want to build a real MLM team with real customers and CARE MORE ABOUT REACHING THEIR GOALS THAN ANYTHING ELSE.  

If this is not you, my suggestion is that you skip this session because it is only going to piss you off and cause you to send me hate e-mail attempting to defend a MLM guru that you should have never been paying any attention to in the first place. 

I don’t need that drama, and the odds are you have been perfectly happy spinning around on the MLM hamster wheel, so just stay there, you are happy, I am happy and neither of us needs the drama. Is that cool?

Let’s be safe, I want you to check out my new website. On the front page is a new 4-minute video, watch that before you continue listening. If it totally pisses you off, I promise you, you will not be able to listen to this session without blowing a gasket so don’t even try. The website again is

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