If you are an experienced, successful network marketer but the only one making REAL MONEY it is not much fun.

The natural reaction is what I am doing is working because I AM MAKING MONEY, but is it REALLY WORKING?

Albert Einstein said, “Ignorance at its highest level is to do what you have always done, the way you have always done it, expecting different results”.

This is a concept that is hard for network marketers that by all accounts are successful to grasp. I sincerely believe that most network marketers making $100,000 a year should be making 3X – 5X -10X their income.

I have always taught that your long-term income in network marketing is in direct proportion to the number of leaders, that are DEVELOPED on your team!

We believe in this session Keith Francis will give you a new fresh perspective that you will apply to building your business.

He is building an incredible Collect Direct Team with the RIGHT PEOPLE. And is building from a different perspective and mindset than he has ever had.

This perspective is what I call the Leadership Development Pridgen Shift, if you haven’t had it, this session gives it to you. It is the real secret that separates $100,000 earners from millionaires in network marketing.