Those that have been around the industry a while would describe Dale Calvert as a Network Marketing Recruiting Machine. He is one of the only industry legends I have heard state publicly “I don’t want to recruit any more people” He recently said that regarding the new business, he is helping launch ( and it has not even launched at the time of this recording. He said, “I have already enrolled over 100 people in May during the pre-launch and at that point, I just have to figure out who my serious people are”

Without question, Dale is an enigma in today’s network marketing world. It is sad to say, but his Wisdom of the Ages mindset and skill set training systems he teaches are all but forgotten in today’s – Dance on Tik Tok to Recruit Distributors world.

If you are looking for real-world Recruiting Systems & Mindsets that are proven to not only to work for him but also for others and build duplicating teams, Dale is the guy.

If you have not heard story 80 of his podcast HOW I RECRUITED 113 PEOPLE in 7 DAYS WITHOUT TRYING it is worth a listen.

Dale was also the Number One Recruiter in the United States when he helped Aplgo launch in the United States.

Since Dale made the Pivot to Ihub Global a couple of years ago he has personally recruited 463 team members. At the time of this writing during the pre-launch month of May with Collect Direct he has recruited over 100 people and is not attempting to recruit any more front-line people. So yes, based upon his track record, I would say a RECRUITING MACHINE is an accurate description. So how did it all start, where did this enigma come from? In this session, we are going to take you back to a live training done at the live event training event Dale in Louisville Kentucky in the mid-nineties. He calls this training, SETTING YOUR NETWORK MARKETING RECRUITING POSTURE IN STONE & if you are a serious network marketing builder, we think you will love it.


Dale’s Impromptu Direct Collect Pre-launch Video


Dale Generic Training System for Network Marketing