In this session, Mr. Calvert will share with you 5 foundational mindset truths that if you build your team based upon these, you can expect growth and financial success like most in the profession have never seen or experienced.

So how do you take these concepts and internalize them and make them part of your personal makeup? Repetition, Repetition is the mother of learning and there is no limit to how many times you can listen to this session.

Obviously, the next obvious question is what opportunity do you apply these concepts and others we speak about to maximize your upside potential? How do you find the right team with the right leadership and mentorship that can truly guide you to financial success?

This is the first time I am sharing this website on this podcast. 

It is The only reason I am giving you access to this is because you are listening to this session during May of 2023 when it drops. If you are listening sometime in the future, then the special offer explained on the video at will be over, so check it out if you want, and I will be back with you next week for another session of the new era of wealth building podcast.