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A new era of wealth generation is here, many popular side gig opportunities like Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, Membership Websites, Shopify Drop Shipping, and on and on can still be profitable, but have basically peaked & have run their course.

Many of you have heard me say this many times. I don’t care what kind of business you are building. Until you are in a situation where you don’t need the profits of your business to live a comfortable lifestyle YOU HAVE NOT MADE IT.

Anyone who thinks that A NEW PERSON can start today and develop career opportunity income with a consumable product network marketing company is just fooling themselves as I talk about in detail in this session.  MLM SS 300: ALL Consumable Product MLM Opportunities are Dead, Gone, Over! A New Era of Wealth Creation is Here

When I say a New Era of Wealth Generation, I literally mean it. I am talking about ways to generate wealth that has never existed before and are only here because of digital currency & blockchain technology.

Some people hear digital currency & blockchain technology and immediately their mind disengages for one of two reasons.

#1 People do not like change and despise learning anything that appears to be complicated. #2 In the early stages of any worthwhile, popular opportunity, all most people hear about are the scams.

When a business model gets hot you have scam artists coming out of the woodwork that is trying to sell courses trying to teach people how to profit from a trending opportunity. Many times they are trying to teach people how to do something which they have never done.

I don’t care where your mindset is around digital currency or blockchain tech. If you are an entrepreneurial-spirited person and you hear.

“There is a Cryptocurrency EcoSystem that has grown 76,000% in 6 months & creating a new Millionaire every 3 1/2 Days”

You have to evaluate it and get the facts, don’t you? This session will share with you everything you need to know to start your evaluation.


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