If you asked members of CMG what member has impacted your business, dozens of names would come to mind. Shellie, Allen, Kamala, Gordy & Kelly, and many more. Different people relate with different people at different points on their entrepreneurial journey.

If we asked everyone to name 5 people. The one person I am certain that would be on every team member’s list is Phillip Cantu.
Here is how Phillip describes his network marketing experience, so far.
Growing up he remembers his mom dabbling in network marketing but never experiencing any significant success.

As a teenager living in Miami Phillip was invited to a hotel opportunity meeting for Monavie, the acai berry drink company. He was immediately sold on network marketing and the power of duplication and residual income. He joined that night.

Like most people, he quit 3 months later because he didn’t believe he could do it. There was no system, just talk to people you know.
But he still believed in the power of the business model.

He joined the Army National Guard at the age of 21 During this time I got an associate degree in culinary arts, worked several random jobs, and got deployed to Afghanistan for a year.

It was during his time in Afghanistan that he decided to become an entrepreneur, after reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss.

Phillip says basically, since 2012, he’s been a wantrepreneur.
He got out of the Military in 2015 and lived in China and Asia, which we will hear more about in this podcast. During this time he attempted many online businesses with limited success.

He returned to the USA with a determination to figure out how to create residual income with network marketing.

He says Foolishly he joined a health and wellness company, Le-Vel because he saw my friend constantly sharing it on her Instagram.
He joined an Attraction Marketing team without knowing what that was, and I fell for the tainted attraction marketing philosophy.

It never worked. After a while, he noticed that the team didn’t have any type of system & he didn’t know what to do.

He began searching for a better way & found my podcast. Phillip said he immediately knew he needed to plug into the MLM Success Podcast.
He says eventually, after listening to Dale for months, he reached out to Dale because he said we could in his podcast. Dale replied he invited Phillip to his APLGO team zoom and was immediately awestruck with the culture of CMG team.

So long story short here he is. He has been progressing forward as most do. 4 steps forward and 3 steps back in the last couple of years since joining the CMG team.

He says he has not broken out yet, but he has been a solid producer since joining our Ihub Team. He did a great job with the Loop Boxes when living in Arizona and he moved to Mexico City shortly after the ERC program was introduced.

From Mexico City he has 25 Calls Booked Representing 323 W-2s and potentially 3,230,000 in refund for organizations and $109,820 in commissions for himself.

Two of his deals have already been submitted to IRS with $13,612.73 in estimated commissions.

He has a small active team of 5 team members and is well on his way to achieving the success he saw was possible as a teenager when he was first exposed to this business model.

Phillip has worked for us at Calvert Marketing Group for a year or so, as one of the outsourcers. Dale says we appreciate having him on our team behind the scenes.

In this session, we are going to learn a lot more about Phillip’s background and goals for the future. This will be a wonderful session that I am sure many of you will get a tremendous amount of value from.