Dave Johnston from Alabama has been on the IHub Global ERC Leaderboard EVERY WEEK from day 1. Honestly, enough said, you need to hear this session.

If I am truthful, I would say, I really didn’t know how to take Dave Johnston when he first joined our CMG Team. I have seen my share of blowhards and people that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk over my career. Honestly, those were probably my initial thoughts. (Don’t laugh, I wasn’t the only one )

At this point I am sure all of us can agree, to REALLY know Dave Jonnston is to love him. I heard him say dozens of times when he first started, “I have been looking for this team, and this culture, my entire life” and he means it!

Dave has taken his personal education seriously. More importantly, he is on the field playing the GAME, now full-time EVERYDAY! He quit his job after being involved with the ERC program for about a month, and for good reason.

Here is his experience, in his own words ………………..

These are the realistic #’s with all lost and stagnated deals removed:

225 w2’s at an average of $10,000.00 per w2 for a total volume of deals= $2,250,000.00

Commissions at 17%=$382,500.00

Downline volume:

429 w2’s at an average of $10,000.00 = $4,290,000.00 volume of deals Commissions @ 5% = $214,500.00

That gives me a total earned commission of $597,000.00 in realistic commissions so far.

As to my thoughts on this entire scope, just look at the numbers.

Much of this represents the time I spent in the learning curve, figuring out best practices and making a lot of rookie blunders.

And I am realistically looking at over half a million in commissions so far.

I have come home dog tired, worn to the nub, and disappointed many times. But then there are the days when I have come home excited and filled with the joy of victory!

Through all of it, I plan and prepare for the next day and manage my expectations and my disappointments. And that is because I have taken the journey of moving the Wisdom of the Ages principles from my head to my heart.

And the journey continues today. I continue to refine my technique and my skill set every day. The main point is I suit up and I show up prepared to get on the field and play.

I do not allow the obstacle of disappointment nor the distraction of excitement and joy to get in the way of my daily routine of getting out on the field and playing as hard and as skillfully as I can for that day.

I think this is a good description of my current situation and attitude.



It should go without saying, that this is a session that will be time well spent.

Dave is a perfect example of someone that just decided to get 100% plugged into our team culture and internalize the wisdom of the ages Success principles, then go to work and leave it all on the field EVERYDAY.

His numbers speak for themselves! Please leave your comment for Dave and any feedback below.