This week’s podcast features Shellie Giddings. I first met Shellie over 25 years ago at an NII Regional training event somewhere in Idaho or Iowa, I don’t remember at the moment. NII was her first network marketing experience. When I first met her I would describe her as a straight shooter with big goals and dreams & she has the exact same mindset today.
Over the years she has been involved in 5 network marketing companies off and on. She is the mother of six children and 13 grandchildren.
She has always been a straight shooter and team player. She did a phenomenal job heading up our and she is the chairperson of the republican party in her town.
I can’t express how it makes me feel to have watched here BREAK OUT with the Ihub Global ERC opportunity. I know many of you that have been privileged to
work with her over the last few years feel the same way. She is just a no BS, no Drama, team player that understands ………

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

During the 2 ½ months since Ihub released the ERC program she has scheduled 29 calls with organizations totaling 1,375 W2s which based upon company averages equates to 13, 750,000 in funds for organizations & $467,500 in commissions. She stated publicly when she was a special guest on Ihub Global’s corporate ERC call that her goal was to make 1 million dollars in 2023. I believe she will reach her goal, and I think after you hear this podcast session.

I am anxious to speak with her about why she feels after 25+ years around this industry she has BROKEN OUT with the Ihub Global ERC program. As always your feedback and comments are appreciated.