Gordy and Kelly Alderson are dear friends of mine. We have known each other since they joined me 25 years ago in a company called NII. They are solid rock business people and are honest, ethical, and hard-working. We originally featured them in session 143 of this podcast.

LISTEN …. I UNDERSTAND! I wouldn’t believe what you are about to hear if I were you, but it is 100% True. In their first 40 days of marketing the Ihub Global ERC program through Bottom Line Concepts, they have submitted a business that will pay them over 1 million dollars in commissions.

They are not the only ones. Ten of the Top 25 Affiliate partners in Ihub Global are currently part of our team. We are focused and working hard.

At some point in the future, I will have Gordy and Kelly on live to hear their story, but at this point, it makes no sense to take them out of the field, even for an hour.

Here is the story.

Over the past 18 months, thousands of people have already become millionaires. You can hear the entire story here:


This is the most lucrative income generator I have seen in 40+ years as an entrepreneur. If you know me, you know If I say it I believe it and that statement is backed by documented facts.


This is 100% documented.


In less than 2 months since our company introduced this vertical ………

I have over 10 team members that have created contracts worth $100,000+ in commissions to them.

I have two that have done over $300,000 in commissions

1 that has done over $400,000 in commissions

AND Gordy & Kelly have done over 1 Million Dollars in commissions

IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! Without recruiting anyone! All of this in less than 40 days!

So when I say you can become a millionaire in 2023, I MEAN IT!

This vertical was introduced 40 days ago. We have no product to sell, no autoship. We are helping small businesses recover ERC funds. If you have not heard about this yet, you will.  Odds are you have seen the

TV commercials or heard the radio ads. 

The only way to describe this is a Halley’s Comet Opportunity. As you know, Halley’s Comet can be seen once in a lifetime. That is what this is. You can get the details here:  http://www.halleyscometbiz.com  


I say this is the most lucrative opportunity I have seen in my life, I MEAN IT. If you have any entrepreneurial blood running through your veins, you owe it to yourself to stop wasting your time in nickel-and-dime niche business social clubs, and GET THE FACTS FOR YOURSELF!