I believe that this session has the opportunity to have a positive impact on as many people as any session I have ever done.


My focus, my entire entrepreneurial career as it relates to team building. has been on the 27%. Teachable, honest, hard-working people that are willing to expand their comfort zone and go to work. You have heard many of their stories on this podcast.

There is nothing that fires me up more than when people that have been hanging out with me, finally get real with themselves and say you know what, no more. Today I am drawing a line in the sand and I am going for it.

In this session, you are going to hear parts of a recent team zoom where Dan Versperman shares his story. Dan said today is the day, I am drawing the line in the sand, and I am going for it. 

The truth is I am sure many of you listening to this session have made similar commitments to yourself at different times over your entrepreneurial journey & you certainly didn’t make the decision one week and find yourself on the company leaderboard the next week like Dan did.

So what is the difference?

Follow these 4 steps and entrepreneurial success is guaranteed.


#1 Consciously daily program your mind for success (www.programmingyourmind.com )

#2 Have a huge 10X Dream – not a goal but a dream


#3 (95% miss it you can have 1-2 but miss #3 you are shooting yourself in the foot! ) You must be promoting the right product and service at the right time in history -and the market must care – with THE RIGHT TEAM  

#4 The law of massive action to create massive numbers


As you listen to this session, you will see that Dan Vaspermine drew a line in the sand and followed all four of these steps!

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