For years network marketing was the numbers one personal development program in the world with a compensation plan attached.

Today it is full of self-proclaimed gurus selling those that don’t know better courses and seminars with Fu Fu Dust Solutions. They are told things like

-You have to buy MLM leads

-You have to do MLM content videos on YouTube

-If you want to be perceived to be an MLM pro you must start a blog.

-Facebook live videos are the answer to building an MLM team

-No wait FB lives don’t work you need to do 3 Tik Tok Videos daily
-You need to invest $5,000 into this whiz-bang funnel system
-Everyone knows Facebook ATM systems will create a six-figure income for you in 90 Days!
And the list of worthless crap and advice goes on and on and on and on. And when they run out of ideas that just start regurgitating the same stuff in a different package.

Nobody wants to tell you the truth because truthfully, the market doesn’t want to know the truth. So gurus will tell you what you want to hear, so they can sell you what they want to sell you.

The truth is for 97% of the population to have a chance to get a network marketing business off the ground, new skill sets and mindsets must be developed. Translation, you can’t build a successful team inside your current comfort zone, you must be willing to expand it.

So how do you expand your comfort zone?

That is what you will learn in today’s session.