We are excited to welcome you to this special session of the New Era of Wealth Creation Podcast. If you have heard of Mr. Calvert’s training over the years you know that he believes that entrepreneurs should have many personal development mentors but only one niche mentor.

If you are building an Amazon FBA store, flipping houses, or building a network marketing team, Dale believes you should have ONE mentor. Trying to follow multiple people with “leadership titles” or proven track records is a guaranteed way to create confusion.

Dale’s network marketing team building mentor was Shaklee Master Coordinator Jim Burke.

Like many network marketers today, back in the day when Dale first started he was looking for as much information as he could get his hands on as it related to how to build a network marketing team.

It took a while but he finally found his MLM team-building mentor, his name was Jim Burke from Rapid City South Dakota.

After hearing him, Dale knew that he motivated others through truth, he was different and he was very motivational for Dale, but he wasn’t what Dale calls a forced, hyped, rah rah. Fu Fu dust leader. He was legit and he taught from personal experiences.
After hearing Jim, Mr. Calvert rarely purchased training audios from any other speakers. He has well over 200 audios from Mr. Burke. He was the one and only team-building mentor Mr. Calvert ever had in his career, he was the best, and Dale believes in a class by himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to introduce our podcast listeners to Dale’s team-building mentor, the one and only Jim Burke.