Joe is an entrepreneur and real estate investor from upstate New York. During the first 60 days of the Ihub Beta Joe has created over $2,500 in monthly passive income, working part-time.


Joe Richard lives in a small town, Walton, New York about an hour from Cooperstown where the Baseball Hall of Fame resides. Joe is a photographer by trade but has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has been heavy into personal development and self-education since Mr. Calvert met him about 10 years ago.

Dale says the thing he has always appreciated about Joe is his authenticity. He understands that formal education makes you a living, if you become self-educated you can create freedom and a fortune. Joe is a laid-back, chill kind of guy, very value-focused, and very excited about what the IHub Meta opportunity can mean for businesses in his area, and around the USA.

We are excited for you to learn more about Joe and have him as our featured guest interview tonight. Joe is just another example of this fact. The blockchain, crypto, and decentralized finance have created wealth-generating income opportunities that weren’t even available a couple of years ago, and that most people don’t even understand exist today.

This is not financial advice, do your own due diligence. If you would like to learn more about the Ihub meta opportunity you can contact Joe at



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